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ISO&CE Cetified Fume Hood/Fume Cupboard, Ducted & Ductless Types
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  • Ductless Fume Hood
    Model : FMH-800DL

    Filter : Active Carbon filter (1pcs), Pre-filter(1pcs)
    Max. Opening : 650mm
    Air-velocity Range : 0.4-0.6m/s
    Optional Accessory : Base stand, Base Cabinet, HEPA filter, UV lamp, Water tap, Gas tap
    Ductless fume hood series with 7" colour screen showing all operational status of each function. Now the best budget ductless chemical fume hood for sale at cost price.
  • Mini Fume Hood
    Model :  FMH-500II

    Airflow Direction : Vertical
    Wind Speed : >0.5 (m/s)
    Colony Count : ≤0.5pcs/vessel (petri dish is φ 90mm)
    HEPA Filter Efficiency : ≥ 99.995% at 0.3um partical
    Airflow Velocity : 0.2~0.6 (m/s), Speed adjustable
    Noise : ≤62dB
    This benchtop fume hood is suitable for laboratories with limited space.
  • Ducted Fume Hood
    Model : FMH-1000DA; FMH-1200DA; FMH-1500DA; FMH-1800DA; MH-1000DA(II); FMH-1200DA(II); FMH-1500DA(II); FMH-1800DA(II)

    External Size : 3ft / 4ft / 5ft / 6ft
    Maximum Opening : 520mm
    Work Surface Height : 850mm
    Airflow Velocity : Adjustable 0.3~0.8 m/s
    Exhaust Duct : Φ300mm PVC (Standard Length: 10 meters)
    This ducted fume hood is suitable for areas with low ceilings or narrow aisles.
  • Fume Hood, Ductless or Ducted Type Dual Choose
    Model : FMH-1000D; FMH-1200D; FMH-1500D; FMH-1800D

    Maximum Opening : 520mm
    Work Surface Height : 750mm
    Airflow Velocity : Adjustable, 0.3~0.8 m/s
    Filter : Active Carbon Filter
    Sound Emission : ≤68dB(A)
    The standard chemical fume hood is suitable for use in industries such as research and healthcare. The best fume hood for sale in Scitek right now. Review the affordable fume hood within your budget.
  • Ductless Fume Hood, Touch Screen
    Model : FMH-800DL(II); FMH-1000DL; FMH-900DL; FMH-1200DL; FMH-1275DL; FMH-1500DL; FMH-1600DL

    Airflow Velocity : 0.4~0.6m/s
    Display : 7-inch LCD touch screen
    Sound Emission : ≤52dB(A)
    Add convenience and functionality to your fume hood with ductless fume hood accessories.
  • PP Fume Hood
    Model : FMH-1000DP; FMH-1200DP; FMH-1500DP; FMH-1800DP

    Work Surface Height : 820mm
    Max Opening : 740mm
    Air Velocity : 0.3~0.8m/s
    Noise : ≤68dB
    Exhaust Duct : 4.3 meters, φ250mm
    Polypropylene fume hood is suitable for experiments with strong acids, strong bases, strong corrosive substances and volatile substances.
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