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  • Transparency Tester
    Model : TT-II
    Transparency Testing Range : 20~500 mm
    Transparency Testing Precision : ±5 mm
    Volume of Glass Tube : 400mL
    Size(W×D×H)(mm) : 600×200×630
  • Thickness Tester
    Model : BTT-I; BTT-II; TTH-III; TTH-IV
    Test Range : 0~5mm; 0~30mm
    Test Accuracy : ±0.01mm
    Type of Capsule : 00,0,1,2,3,4 type capsule
  • Thawing Time Limit Tester
    Model : TTLT-I; TTLT-II
    Number of Sleeve Racks : 3 sets
    Timing Precision : ±0.5min
    Temperature Control Range : 20~45ºC
    Volume of Beaker : 5L (3PCS)
  • Tablet Hardness Tester
    Model : THT-I

    Hardness Test Range : 2-198N; 0.2KG-20KG
    Resolution : 0.1N; 0.01KG
    Hardness Measurement Accuracy Range : ±0.5%
    Tablet Measurement Diameter : 2-20mm
  • Tablet Friability Tester
    Model : TFT-I; TFT-II; TFT-III; TFT-IV
    Number of Cylinder : 2/1
    Rotating Speed : 20~100 rpm (can be set arbitrarily)
    Rotating Accuracy : ±1 rpm
    Cylinder Depth : 39mm
  • Melting Point Tester
    Model : MPT-I
    Deviation of Linear Heating Rate : <5%
    Temperature Transfer Medium : Methyl silicone oil
    Liquid Cup for Temperature Transfer : 250ml beaker in tall form
    Indicating Value Resolution : 0.1 ºC
  • Gelatin Gel Strength Tester
    Model : GST-II; GST-III
    Test Range : 5-1000 Bloomg
    Test Precision : ±0.3%
    Resolution : 1g
    Repeated Measurement Error : ±1 Bloomg
    Sampling Depth : 1-60mm
  • Dissolution Tester
    Speed Range : 20~200rpm; 20~250rpm
    Speed Accuracy : ±2rpm; ±1rpm
    Temperature Range : Ambient Temperature~+45.0℃
    Temperature Stability : ±0.3℃
  • Disintegration Time Limit Tester
    Display Resolution : 0.1℃
    Temperature Control Accuracy : ±0.3℃
    Time Control Accuracy : ±0.5min
    Lifting Frequency of Basket : 30~31 times/min
    This disintegration time limit tester is able to simulate the environment of human digestive tract and accurately determine the dissolution of drug formulations within a certain period of time, which is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and drug research and development fields.
  • Clarification Tester
    Model : CT-I; CT-II
    Lamp Three-primary-color : Fluorescent lamp
    Illumination Range : 1000~6000 LUX
    Time Range : 1~99s
    Our clarification tester utilize advanced optical and spectroscopic techniques to precisely measure parameters such as turbidity, clarity, color, and particle size distribution, providing comprehensive insights into the quality and purity of your samples.
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