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  • Roller Mixer RMX-100
    Model : RMX-100

    Speed Range : 20~99rpm
    Operation Mode : Rolling & Swinging
    Amplitude : 25mm
    Roller Quantity : 6
    Roller Length : 280mm
    Timer for Forwards/Reverse : 30sec~99min59sec
  • Economical Rotary Mixer
    Model : RMX-RD-Pro; RMX-RD-E
    Speed range : 10-70rpm / 0-80rpm
    Speed display : LCD / Scale
    Timer : 1-1199min / –
    Operation mode : Continuous / timer / Continuous
    Gentle and homogeneous mixing of liquids in tubes, plates, flasks and petri dishes.
  • Economical Rotary Mixer RMX-RL-Pro/E
    Model : RMX-RL-Pro; RMX-RL-E

    Motor Typel : DC Motor
    Speed Rangel : 10-70rpm / 0-80rpm
    Speed Displayl : LCD / Scale
    Timerl : 1-1199min / –
    Operation Model : Continuous / Timer / Continuous
    Can be utilized across a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines, including, but not limited to, clinical, molecular biology, and biochemistry.
  • Rotary Mixer RMX-S100
    Model : RMX-S100

    Shaking Speed : 10~100rpm(Precisely Adjustable)
    Timing Range : 1min ~99h59min
    Time for Pause : 1-5s
    Max. load : 6kg
    Mixing Method : Flip
    The roller mixer has a flip mixing method, which effectively reduces the temperature of the unit during operation and is suitable for continuous use in the laboratory.
  • Microplate Mixer, Orbital Shaking
    Model : VMX-M
    Shaking Movement : Orbital
    Orbital Diameter : 4.5mm
    Motor Type : Brushless DC motor
    Speed Range : Single microplate: 0-1500rpm(Standard)
    This microplate mixer provides excellent mixing results for a wide range of uses including, but not limited to, biochemistry, molecular biology and clinicals.
  • Vortex Mixer VMX-S
    Model : VMX-S

    Mixing Motion : Orbital
    Orbital Diameter : 4mm
    Speed Range : 0-3000rpm
    Run Type Touch : Operation
    The vortex mixer is suitable for mixing small volumes of solutions or samples and is easy to operate.
  • Vortex Mixer VMX-F
    Model : VMX-F
    Mixing Motion : Orbital
    Orbital Diameter : 4mm
    Speed Range : 3000rpm
    Run Type : Continuous
    The vortex mixer accepts tubes and vessels of all sizes.
  • Economical Vortex Mixer VMX-E
    Model : VMX-E

    Mixing Motion : Orbital
    Revolving Diameter : 4.8mm
    Rotational Speed : 3000rpm
    Operating Mode : Inching
    This vortex mixer features a unique design that supports the acceptance of various types of tubes and containers.
  • Vortex Mixer VMX-1000
    Model : VMX-1000

    Speed Range : 1000~3500rpm
    Type of Movement : Orbital
    Orbit : 4.5mm
    Max Test Tube Size : Ф30mm
    Max Load : 0.1kg
    Capacity : Single tube
    The unique cup design of this vortex mixer accommodates a variety of tube and container sizes.
  • Vortex Mixer VMX-2000
    Model : VMX-2000

    Range of Rotation : 1000~2800rpm
    Amplitude : 3mm
    Temp Setting Range : 1sec ~99min59sec/∞
    Run Mode : Touch operation/Continuous
    Capacity : Standard single-tube vortex head, sponge tray, four kinds of sponge modules
    The vortex mixer comes with a standard single-tube vortex head, a sponge tray and four sponge modules for different sample containers.
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