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  • Automatic Gel Imaging and Analysis System
    Model : AG-I100; AG-I1000

    Pixel : 2592x1944(5.03MP)
    Exposure Time : 1ms-3000ms
    QE Value : High QE: >65%
    Binning : 1x1
    Bit Depth : 16bit (0-65535)
    Sizes(W×D×H) : 375x360x605mm / 405x380x695mm
    Experience crystal-clear gel images with this automatic gel imaging and analysis system featuring high-resolution imaging technology that ensures every band and detail is captured with the utmost clarity.
  • Automatic Gel Imaging and Analysis System, 6 Million Pixels
    Model : AG-I3T
    Pixel : 6 million pixels
    Exposure : 1 ms-5000ms
    Photosensitive Efficiency : High QE: >79%
    Pixel Merge : 1×1
    Electric Lens : F=1:1.0 20 million auto focus lens
    Sizes(W×D×H) : 362x360x566mm
    This automatic gel imaging and analysis system is the perfect addition to any laboratory running routine gel analysis, imaging and documentation. This compact imager provides researchers with fast processing in a bench space-saving manner.With the most competitive specifications on the market and an affordable price, the gel imaging and analysis system is a great fit for your lab.
  • Automatic Chemiluminescence Gel Imaging System, 9 Million Pixels
    Model : ACG-I6T

    Pixel : 9 million pixels
    Cooling Temperature : -65℃
    Photosensitive Efficiency : High QE: >95%
    Pixel Size : 3.74μm×3.74μm
    Sizes(W×D×H) : 362x360x566mm
  • Automatic Chemiluminescence Gel Imaging System
    Model : ACG-I600; ACG-I600M

    Pixel : 6.0MP
    Multi-color Fluorescent Function : No / Yes
    Cooling Temperature : -65°C
    Photosensitive Efficiency : High QE: >75%
    Pixel Size : 4.54μm×4.54μm
    Sizes(W×D×H) : 405x380x695mm
    This automatic chemiluminescence gel imaging system features automated imaging and data acquisition, enabling fast and efficient sample imaging and data processing to improve experimental efficiency.
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