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The thermostatic incubator is designed to provide precise climate control, temperature uniformity and contamination prevention for a variety of research and clinical applications. It is primarily used to maintain a constant temperature, humidity and gas environment to create ideal growth conditions for cell culture. Now the affordable thermostatic incubator for sale at a low price.

  • Thermostatic Incubator
    Model : ICB-45; ICB-65; ICB-125; ICB-210; ICB-45T; ICB-65T; ICB-125T; ICB-210T

    Capacity(L) : 45 / 65 / 125 / 210
    Circulation Mode : Natural convection
    Range (℃) : RT+5~70
    Controller : PID Intelligent
  • Constant Temperature Incubator
    Model : ICB-45P; ICB-65P; ICB-125P; ICB-210P

    Capacity(L) : 45 / 65 / 125 / 210
    Circulation Mode : Breeze Circulation
    Display : High Efinition LCD
    Range (℃) : RT+5 ~ 70
    Our compact thermostatic incubators are space-saving and ideal for individualised workspaces or crowded laboratories with small sample volumes.
  • Compact Thermostatic Incubator 18L
    Model : ICB-18; ICB-18D

    Circulation Mode : Natural Convection
    Temp. Range (℃) : RT+5~65
    Temp. Fluctuation (℃) : ±0.5
    Display : Digital LED
    Size(WxDxH)(mm) : 380x455x568
    Our state-of-the-art thermostatic incubator is space-saving and ideal for labs with limited space. 
  • Benchtop Thermostatic Incubator
    Model : ICB-30B; ICB-45B; ICB-65B; ICB-125B; ICB-230B

    Capacity(L) : 30/45/65/125/230
    Temperature Range(℃) : RT+5~80℃
    Temperature Resolution(℃) : 0.1℃
    Display : LCD Display Screen
    This thermostat in incubator provides constant temperature with automated control features to improve the accuracy and repeatability of your experiments. Now the thermostatic incubator for sale at an affordable price.
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