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  • Maunal Sealing Machine
    Model : SM-M7A; SM-M7B

    Sealing Length(mm) : 300; 400
    Sealing Width(mm) : 10
    Temperature Error : <±2%
    External Size(WxDxH)(mm) : 360x330x150; 460x330x150
    This sealing machine is manually operated for ease of operation and saves energy and costs by eliminating the need for additional electricity or gas sources. Now the cheapest sealing machine for sale at cost price.
  • Automatic Sealing Machine
    Model : SM-A100

    Sealing Pattern Width(mm) : 12
    Sealing Margin(mm) : 0~35 mm adjustable
    External Size(WxDxH)(mm) : 482x242x157
    The automatic sealing machine is equipped with an excellent sealing system to ensure stable and reliable sealing results. Now the best sealing machine for sale at cost price.
  • Automatic Sealing Machine, Touch Screen
    Model : SM-A100R

    LCD Touch Display : 7 inch
    Sealing Speed : 10±0.5 m/min
    Sealing Pattern Width : 12mm
    External Size(WxDxH)(mm) : 560x260x220
    The automatic sealing machine is efficient and energy-saving, and meets the working needs of fast-paced temperature conversion;. Now the best sealing machine for sale at cost price.
  • Cutting-Sealing Printing Machine
    Model : SM-CSP121

    Max Cutting Width : ≤400mm
    Sealing Speed : 10+0.5m/min
    Cutting Length : >50mm
    External Size(WxDxH)(mm) : 1030x290x200
    The cutting-sealing printing machine can be loaded with multiple rolls of different widths at the same time, cutting and sealing at the same time, with high working efficiency.
  • Roller Workbench
    Model : SM-RW201

    External Size(mm) : 745×286×52
    Weight(kg) : 10
  • Multifunctional Workstation
    Model : SM-MW210

    Size(WxDxH)(mm) : 1150x680x1683
    Work Surface(mm) : 680x1075
    Stainless Steel Basket(mm) : 580x280x255
  • Stainless Steel Single-layer Paper Cutter
    Model : SM-PC211

    Size(LxDxH)(mm) : 735×310×140
    Material : Stainless steel, aluminum material
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