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  • Mini Centrifuge CFG-6M
    Model : CFG-6M

    Speed (rpm) : 6000
    Max RCF (xg) : 2000
    Rotor Capacity : 8×1.5/2.0/0.5/0.2ml
    Ideal for microfiltration cell separations and HPLC samples, the minicentrifuge has adapters to accommodate all major microcentrifuge tubes.
  • Mini Centrifuge CFG-15M
    Model : CFG-15M

    Speed Range (rpm) : 500~15000
    RCF Range (xg) : 16~15080
    Timing Range : 15sec~99min59sec/∞
    Rotor Capacity : 12×1.5/2.0ml centrifuge tubes
    It precise temperature accuracy for maximized sample protection and best separation results.
  • Mini Centrifuge CFG-4M/10M
    Model : CFG-4M; CFG-10M

    Max Speed (rpm) : 4000 / 10000
    Max RCF (xg) : 900 / 5000
    Rotor Capacity : 0.2ml×2×8, 1.5ml/0.5ml/0.2ml×6
    A powerful and convenient mini centrifuge for simple and fast liquid separation.
  • Mini Centrifuge CFG-7M
    Model : CFG-7M

    Max Speed (rpm) : 7000
    Max RCF (xg) : 2680×g
    Rotor Capacity : 0.5/1.5/2.0mL×8, 0.2mL×32 PCR tubes, 0.2mL×4 PCR 8 strips
    Ambient Temperature and Humidity : 5-40℃, 80%RH
    This microcentrifuge has a compact footprint.
  • Mini Centrifuge CFG-5M
    Model : CFG-5M

    Max Speed (rpm) : 5000
    Max RCF (xg) : 1360
    Rotor capacity : 0.2/0.5/1.5/2.0 mL×8, 32×0.2 ml PCR strips/4×0.2 ml PCR 8 strips
    The mini centrifuge operates at a fixed speed and is designed for rapid spinning of micro samples.
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