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  • Portable Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor
    Model : UCD-P100; UCD-P200; UCD-P300
    Sample Amount: 100µl
    Testing Duration: ≤3min
    Pre-cooling Time: ≤3min
    Measurement Error: ≤1%
    Size(W×D×H)(mm): 275x225x345; 340x300x400
    This ultrasonic cell disruptor has advanced controls for more precise control of all key elements of the experiment.
  • Handheld Ultrasonic Homogenizer
    Model : UCD-P200I
    Operating Frequency Range: 20-25KHz, frequency automatic tracking.
    Generator Output Power: 250W (max)
    The end of the Horn Diameter: Φ3
    Operating Voltage: 220V ± 5%
  • Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor
    Model : UCD-I200; UCD-I300I; UCD-I500; UCD-I600I; UCD-I1000
    Operating Frequency Range: 19-25KHz
    Generator Output Power: 150/250/650/950/1200W
    Duty Cycle : 0.1-99%
    Storage Capacity : 18 groups of program data
  • Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor, Integrated
    Model : UCD-I300; UCD-I600; UCD-I1200; UCD-I1800; UCD-I2200; UCD-I3000
    Operating Frequency Range : 19-26KHz
    Generator Output Power : 300/500/1000/1800/2000W
    Capacity : 0.1~300ml; 0.1~600ml; 0.1~1200ml; 0.1~1800ml; 0.1~2200ml; 0.1~3000ml
    The ultrasonic cell disruptor's one-piece design incorporates all the necessary components for easy operation in space-constrained laboratory environments.
  • Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor, Touch Screen
    Model : UCD-S100; UCD-S200I; UCD-S500; UCD-S1000; UCD-S1500I; UCD-S1800
    Operating Frequency Range: 20-25/19.5-20.5KHz
    Generator Output Power: 150/250/1200/1800/2000W
    Crusher Capacity : 0.1-150ml; 0.1-250ml; 0.1-400ml; 5-1000ml; 50-1500ml; 50-1800ml
    Sample Temperature Monitor : Yes
    The ultrasonic cell disruptor features easy-to-use touch screen controls and overload protection. Ultra-high power and advanced programming for all liquid handling applications.
  • Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor, Modular
    Model : UCD-S200; UCD-S600; UCD-S800; UCD-S1200; UCD-S1500; UCD-S3000
    Operating Frequency Range: 19-25KHz
    Generator Output Power: 300/550/650/950/1200/2000W
    Crusher Capacity : 0.1-200ml; 0.1-600ml; 0.1-800ml; 0.1-1200ml; 0.1-1500ml; 0.1-3000ml
    Standard Probe : Φ3mm; Φ6mm; Φ8mm; Φ13mm; Φ16mm; Φ20mm
    This ultrasonic cell disruptor has advanced controls for more precise control of all key elements of the experiment. The split design is suitable for experimental needs that require a high degree of flexibility and customisation.
  • Non-Touched Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor
    Model : UCD-NT1200; UCD-NT2200
    Consumption : 12~1200W Manual Adjustable; 2200W Automatic Adjustable
    Single Sample Processing Capacity : 1.5/2mlx4 holes; 1.5/2mlx16 holes
    Frequency Range : 19.5~20.5KHz
    Ultrasonic Horn : Φ20mmx1 Φ60mm
    Machine External Size(WxDxH)(mm) : 225x410x290
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