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  • Recirculating Chillers
    Model : LTC-10; LTC-30; LTC-40I

    Usage Temperature Range : -10 ℃~room temperature / -30 ℃~room temperature / -40℃ ~room temperature
    Water Tank Size & Volume : Φ220×180H(mm), 6.8L / Φ450×350H(mm), About 55L / Φ500×500H(mm), 98L
    Available Size in Water Tank : Φ185mm / Φ350mm / Φ390mm
    Cover Opening : Φ200mm / Φ350mm / Φ350mm
  • Low-Temp Cooling Liquid Circulator
    Model : LTC-20; LTC-40

    Tank Volume : 6.8L, 20L
    Matching Reaction Kettle(Steam) : 1~5L; 20L
    Tank Size : φ220×180mm, φ300×300mm
    Circulating Pump Flow : 20~40L/min
    Instrument Temp. Control Range : -20°C~RT, -40°C~RT
    This low temperature cooling liquid circulator is designed to ensure accurate and reproducible liquid temperature control programmes over a temperature range of ~RT and a maximum bath capacity of 40L.
  • Low Temp Cooling Liquid Circulator
    Model : LTC-20I

    Tank Volume : 4L
    Matching Reaction Kettle(Steam) : 1~2L
    Tank Material : 304 Stainless Steel
    Tank Size : 250×130×130mm
    Pump Lift : 1.5~2.7m
    Circulating Pump Flow : 8~16L/min
    This low temperature cooling liquid circulator offers excellent cooling capacity, a wide temperature range from -20°C to RT, and a max bath capacity of 4L.
  • Mini Low Temperature Circulator
    Model : LTC-P5

    Temperature Range : -20°C to Ambient Temp.
    Pump Pressure : 0.3bar
    Pump Suction : 0.2bar
    Pump Flow : Max. 22L/Min
    Tank Size : 4.5L
    This mini low temperature circulator offers a -20°C to RT temperature range for experiments and applications that require a low-temperature environment.
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