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Kjeldahl apparatus

With years of experience in production Kjeldahl apparatus, Scitek can supply a wide range of Kjeldahl apparatus. Kjeldahl apparatus can meet many applications, if you need, please get our online timely service about Kjeldahl apparatus. In addition to the product list below, you can also customize your own unique Kjeldahl apparatus according to your specific needs.
  • Kjeldahl Apparatus KA-1100
    Model : KA-1100
    Analysis Time : 5~10min/sample
    Burette Volume : 1.0μL/step
    Water Consumption in the Distillation Process : 1.5L/min
    Sizes(W×D×H)(mm) Machine : 455x391x730
  • Kjeldahl Apparatus KA-1160
    Model : KA-1160
    Analysis Time : 3~8min/sample
    Burette Accuracy : 1.0μL/step optional: 0.2μL/step and 0.4μL/step
    Water Consumption in the Distillation Process : 0.5L/min
    Sizes(W×D×H)(mm) Machine : 460×360×725
  • Economical Kjeldahl Apparatus KA-9840
    Model : KA-9840
    Analysis Time : 3~6min/sample
    Sample Capacity : Solid≦6g/sample, liquid≦16mL/sample
    Cooling Water Consumption : 1.5L/min
    Sizes(W×D×H)(mm) Machine : 400×385×735
    This kjeldahl apparatus is ideal for small laboratories and small businesses, offering great cost savings to customers.
  • Kjeldahl Apparatus KA-9860
    Model : KA-9860
    Analysis Time : 5~10min/sample
    Sample Capacity : Solid≦5g/sample, liquid≦20mL/sample
    Water Consumption in the distillation process : 1.5L/min
    Sizes(W×D×H)(mm) Machine : 455×391×730
    Semi-automatic distillation for kjeldahl determination of proteins, non-protein nitrogen (NPN), volatiles, and more. The kjeldahl apparatus offers excellent value in terms of high reliability and advanced performance.
  • Kjeldahl Digestion Furnace
    Model : KDF-220F
    Temperature Accuracy : ±1℃
    Heating Method : Infrared heating and high-purity graphite conduction
    Digestion Tube Capacity : 300mL
    Capacity : 20pcs/batch
    Sizes(W×D×H)(mm) Machine : 515×421×211
  • Fat Analyzer
    Model : FA-406
    Sample Weight : 0.5~15g (generally 2~5g, depending on sample)
    Capacity Per Batch : 6pcs/batch
    Solvent Cup Volume : 80mL
    Sizes(W×D×H)(mm) Machine : 650×320×715
  • Automatic Soxhlet Extractor, Touchscreen
    Model : FA-606
    Sample Weight : 0.5~15g
    Capacity Per Batch : 6pcs/batch
    Solvent Cup Volume : 150mL
    Sizes(W×D×H)(mm) : 650×380×720
  • Fiber Analyzer
    Model : FBA-800
    Sample Weight : 0.5g~3g
    Capacity Per Batch : 6pcs/batch
    Sizes(W×D×H)(mm) : 776×476×644
  • Kjeldahl Digester
    Model : KD-420F
    Temperature Range : RT+5~450℃
    Heating Method : Infrared heating and high-purity graphite conduction
    Digestion Tube Capacity : 300mL
    Capacity Per Batch : 20pcs/batch
    Sizes(W×D×H)(mm) : 515x458x730
  • Economical Kjeldahl Apparatus KA-9830 Series
    Model : KA-9830; KA-9830I
    Analysis Time : 3-4min/( cooling water temp 18℃)
    Accuracy(RSD) : ≤0.5%(30mgN, 0.1mol/L H+)
    Cooling Water Consumption : 1.2L-3L/min
    Sizes(W×D×H)(mm) : 500x460x710
    This kjeldahl apparatus is suitable for use in feed, soil, fertiliser and other areas that do not require a high degree of testing accuracy.
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