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Economical Kjeldahl Apparatus KA-9830 Series

Model : KA-9830; KA-9830I
Analysis Time : 3-4min/( cooling water temp 18℃)
Accuracy(RSD) : ≤0.5%(30mgN, 0.1mol/L H+)
Cooling Water Consumption : 1.2L-3L/min
Sizes(W×D×H)(mm) : 500x460x710
This kjeldahl apparatus is suitable for use in feed, soil, fertiliser and other areas that do not require a high degree of testing accuracy.

Kjeldahl Apparatus Specifications:

Analytical Range0.1~200 mgN
Accuracy(RSD)≤0.5%(30mgN, 0.1mol/L H+)
Recovery Rate≥99.5%
Input Mode of Titrant ConcentrationManual input
Sample Analysis Time3-4min/(cooling water temp 18℃)
Blank Deduction of SampleAutomatic deduction
User-made Recipe99 groups
Re-add Alkali During Distillation Process0-99mL/ per time
Fertilizer Analysis Model (nitro)Reaction time 0-2 hours
Cooling Water Consumption1.2L-3L/min
Connectable Fittingscooling water/reagent level
Data Storage140000 sets of data
PrinterNot applicable57cm thermal automatic paper cutting printer
The Digestive Tube Discharges Waste AutomaticallyManual processingAutomatic discharge
Steam Pressure Monitoring and AlarmNot applicable40kpa
Distillation Sample Temperature Monitoring and AlarmNot applicable50℃
Cooling Water Flow Monitoring and AlarmNot applicable0.8-10L/min
Steam Flow ControlNot applicable70%-100%
Automatic Cleaning of Alkali PipelineNot applicableAutomatic cleaning
Safe Alkali Adding ModeEquipped (0-999 sec)
Steam Boiler over-Temperature Alarm System120℃
Steam Boiler with Dry Burning-resistant ProtectionEquipped
Safety Gate SwitchEquipped
Digestive Tube Vacancy SwitchEquipped
Power SupplyAC220V, 50Hz
Heating Power2KW
Shipping Size (W×D×H)(mm)1050x630x10201050x650x1000
G.W. (kg)27/5630/60

Kjeldahl Apparatus Feature:

The KA-9830 is kjeldahl apparatus that combines the functions of distillation, titration and waste liquid discharge. Equipped with the advanced core control system, it controls the steam supply, real-time detection of condensation temperature and other functions to ensure the accuracy of test results.

  1. Several patented designs make the work efficient and speedily meet different test requirements.

  2. The digestion tube adopts the function of automatic discharge of waste liquid, which saves operation steps and time.

  3. Alkaline pipe cleaning pre-installed cleaning function so that the customer's daily maintenance becomes easy.

  4. Refrigeration circulator intelligent interface, no need to set or switch again

  5. The excellent corrosion resistance of the piping system, no deformation, and corrosion under solid alkali and acid for a long time.

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