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Essential Tools for Setting Up a Plant Growth Incubators Laboratory

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Establishing a plant growth incubators laboratory requires meticulous planning and a thorough understanding of the necessary equipment and tools. This specialized environment is essential for conducting controlled plant growth experiments, enabling researchers to study plant development, physiology, and responses to various environmental conditions. Whether you are setting up a lab for academic research, commercial plant production, or biotechnology applications, having the right equipment and tools is crucial for achieving reliable and reproducible results. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the essential instruments and supplies needed to create a fully functional plant growth incubators laboratory, ensuring optimal conditions for plant cultivation and experimentation.

A plant culture laboratory usually consists of two main parts: a media room, a culture room, and several physiological research instruments for plants.

Plant Medium Room

culture medium room

The plant media room is mainly used for cleaning and storing culture vessels and medicines and preparing and storing culture media. This area includes the following functional rooms:

Scrubber Room:

Used for the washing and aseptic pre-treatment of glassware, culture media, and culture plants to ensure the hygiene of instruments and environment in experimental cultivation. The washing room is usually equipped with the following types of laboratory instruments:

Lab Glassware Washer


Automatic Glassware Washer

Capacity(L) : 220 / 320

Washer Load Level : 2 / 3

Dry Power(KW) : 3.6 / 3.6

Water Consumption/Cycle(L) : 15 / 15


GMP Washer

Capacity(L) : 688; 1210; 1690

Cleaning Method : Spray cleaning

Cleaning Agent Addition Channel : Double channel


Acid Steam Cleaning System

Capacity(L) : 87L

Drying Method : Hot air injection via Sprinkler

Water Pump Flow Rate : 120L/min

Standard Program : 20

Dry Oven

Generally lab glassware washer will dry the glassware automatically after it is cleaned, if you just want to dry the equipment alone you may need to have a drying oven as well.


Drying Oven/Incubator(Dual-use)

Capacity : 30L / 45L / 65L / 85L / 125L / 230L

Circulation Mode : Forced convection

Controller : PID

Display : Digital LED

FDO-640B, FDO-640

Forced Air Drying Oven

Capacity : 640L / 1000L / 1300L / 1870L / 3070L
Circulation Mode : Forced air convection

Controller : PID

Display : Digital LCD

Horizontal Drying Oven(Natural Convection)

Horizontal Drying Oven

Capacity : 43L / 71L / 136L / 225

Circulation Mode : Natural convection

Controller : PID

Display : Digital LED

Culture medium preparation room:

It is mainly used for preparing mother liquor and preparing, dispensing, packaging, and temporarily storing culture media before sterilisation.

The room usually has heating mantles, gauges, medium dispensing apparatus, pipettes, culture containers, water baths, and acid meters. If it is small, the media preparation room may be combined with the washing and sterilisation rooms.

Heating Mantle

Water bath


Filtration Apparatus



Benchtop Class N Autoclave

Capacity (L) : 16 / 18 / 24

Chamber Size (mm) : Ø230x360/Ø249x355/ Ø249x450

Sterilization Temperature (℃) : 121 / 134

Display Accuracy : ±0.5℃


Benchtop Class B Autoclave

Capacity (L) : 45

Chamber Size(ØxH) : Ø316x590mm

Chamber Material : SUS304

Sterilization Temperature (℃) : 105~136


Horizontal Pulse Vacuum Autoclave


(L) : 1200; 1500; 2000; 2500; 3000; 6000; 6700; 13600

Design Temperature : 150℃

Temperature Uniformity : ±0.5℃

Water Purification


Deionized Water Filter

Water Production L/H (25 ℃)  : 10; 20; 30

Rated Daily Water : 100 L/day

Conductivity : ≦ 0.1µs/cm

Ammonia : ≦ 0.3ug/ml


Ultra Water Purifier

Conductivity : <0.2μs/cm

TOC : <3ppb; <3ppb; <5ppb; <20ppb

Microorganism : <1cfu/ml


High Pure Water Purifier

Water Output Speed L/H : 5; 10; 20; 40; 60; 120

Max Water Flow Rate : 1.5L/H

Microorganisms : <1cfu/ml


If storage of the culture solution is required, the prepared culture solution can be stored in sterile containers in a refrigerator at 4°C for several months. If longer is required, it can be stored frozen at -80°C or in a liquid nitrogen tank.

Incubation room

The culture room, on the other hand, is mainly used for the cultivation of plant material and includes the following functional rooms:

Inoculation room:

It mainly carries out surface sterilisation, separation cutting, and transfer of plant materials. The degree of sterility plays a vital role in the success of tissue culture.

Anaerobic Chamber

Plant Culture Room:

Used for the actual cultivation process of plant material.

Lighting Incubator

A full-spectrum plant growth lamp is favourable to plant growth and improves disease resistance. It has a power-down memory and a power-down time automatic compensation function. The thermostatic control system provides fast response and high-temperature control precision.

Observation room:

Used for observing and analysing the process and results of plant cultures.


Plant and soil testing instruments

Photosynthesis Tester

Used to determine the rate and efficiency of photosynthesis in plants and to improve the productivity of crops.

Soil Moisture Meter

It can be used to determine the water content of the soil and provide a basis for the irrigation of crops.

Soil PH Meter

Used to determine the acidity and alkalinity of the soil, providing an ideal environment for crop growth.

Soil Salinity Meter

It measures the salt content of the soil and regulates the salinity of irrigation water.

Soil Nutrient Tester

Soil nutrient tester provides detailed soil data for agricultural research, soil science, ecology and other fields. It plays an important role in the development of new fertilisers and soil improvement.

The specific setup of the above functional rooms may vary depending on factors such as the laboratory's scale, research objectives, and resource conditions.

Scitek's recommendations for Plant Growth Incubators

Through our experience and technical research on Plant Growth Incubators, we have come up with recommendations for a relatively inexpensive solution to build an artificial climate chamber that meets the requirements of environmental change:

  1. Temperature control system: temperature control range: 16-35℃, temperature control precision: ±1℃.

  2. Humidity control system: precise control of humidity: 40-90%RH, humidity control precision: ±5-10%RH.

  3. LED light source system: Customised LED lights according to plant type ensure that the light source achieves optimal and economical plant growth.

  4. Enclosure and other building materials: The enclosure structure should use a high-quality insulation board, and for the fire rating, try to choose a higher level. For the nursery frame, try to use 304 stainless steel or other materials with strong load-bearing capacity.

  5. Sealing and heat preservation door: try to choose steel purification sealing and heat preservation door, including double hollow tempered glass windows, automatic lifting sealing and heat preservation device.

  6. Ventilation system: Scitek's plant growth incubator has various ventilation design options outside to ensure good ventilation to meet the needs of indoor plant growth.

  7. Sterilisation lamps ensure a good growing environment.

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