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Horizontal Pulse Vacuum Autoclave, Sliding Door

Model : ST-BVH1200PV/1500PV/2000PV/2500PV/3000PV/6000PV/6700PV/13600PV

Interior Design Pressure : -0.1~03MPa
Jacket Design Pressure : 0.3MPa
Design Temperature 150℃
Sterilization Temperature Control Precision : 0-2℃
Number of Positive Pressure Pulsations : 1~3
Air Filter : Filtration accuracy is <0.22 microns, bactericidal rate of 99.97%.

Horizontal Pulse Vacuum Autoclave Features:

  1. Translation door, with anti-pinch hand function. Vacuum sterilizer also adopts a double-door channel design, which is not only equipped with a powerful pressure safety interlock function but also a temperature safety interlock on the liquid process door to guarantee the safety of operation in all aspects.

  2. The high-efficiency design of the automatic sealing ring makes its sealing effect outstanding. The service life is up to 1500 times, providing users with long-lasting and stable performance.

  3. The main structure is european ring reinforcement jacket structure, programmable controller PLC, color touch screen.

  4. Provides a wealth of customized procedures, covering aseptic clothing, utensils, rubber, liquids, media, waste, sterilization, and many other areas, but also includes BD test, vacuum leakage test, and other professional test procedures to meet the needs of different areas.

  5. Vacuum autoclave has a built-in micro-needle printer and a paperless recorder to make recording and tracking more convenient.

  6. Automatic drainage device, optional jacket automatic control drainage device, the inner chamber are installed automatic control drainage device, automatic detection jacket and inner chamber temperature pressure automatic drainage, to ensure the saturation of steam.

  7. Intelligent maintenance system: Optional remote monitoring and maintenance module; Water saving noise reduction system is optional

  8. With drainage temperature automatic adjustment system, drainage temperature ≤55°C.

Horizontal Pulse Vacuum Autoclave Specifications:

Interior Design Pressure-0.1~03MPa
Jacket Design Pressure0.3MPa
Design Temperature150℃

Max Working 


Max Working Pressure0.25MPa
Vacuum Leakage Rate≤0.13KPa/min
Final Vacuum-96KPa

Opening Pressure of 

the Inner Chamber 

Safety Valve


Jacket Safety Valve 

Opening Pressure


Sterilization Temperature 

Control Precision

Temperature Uniformity±0.5℃

Negative Pressure 

Pulsating Vacuum Negative 

Value and Number

Amplitude -80~0KPa, frequency 1~99

Number of Pulsations 

Across Pressure

Amplitude -80 ~80KPa, frequency 1

Number of Positive 

Pressure Pulsations

Inner Tank Size (WxH) (mm)680x1180680x1180900x1380900x1380900x1380900x13801250x13801250x1380
Overall Size (LxWxH)
Gas Consumption
Water Consumption
Power Supply380V,50Hz380V,50Hz380V,50Hz380V,50Hz380V,50Hz380V,50Hz380V,50Hz380V,50Hz

Horizontal  Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer Application:

The ST-BVH series pulse vacuum sterilizer utilizes saturated steam as the medium, employing pulsating vacuum for the efficient eradication of microorganisms and their spores – marking it as the most effective method for physical sterilization. The adoption of pulsating vacuum exhaust serves to eliminate the impact of cold air on temperature, ultimately achieving sterilization through the combined processes of vacuum dehumidification and jacket drying.

Pulse vacuum autoclave is specifically tailored to meet the high demands of various industries, including pharmaceutical biological engineering, medical health, and laboratory animal research. It serves as an indispensable solution for the sterilization of equipment, aseptic clothing, rubber stoppers, aluminum caps, raw materials, filters, media, and other items with stringent sterilization requirements.

The saturated steam, in tandem with the pulsating vacuum technology, ensures an efficient and thorough sterilization process, effectively eliminating microorganisms and their resilient spores. By incorporating pulsating vacuum exhaust, the sterilizer further guarantees the elimination of cold air influences on temperature, ensuring optimal conditions for the sterilization of a diverse range of items. The ST-BVH series pulse vacuum autoclave stands out as a reliable and versatile tool for achieving precise and effective sterilization in critical applications across various fields.

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