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Non-Touched Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor

Model : UCD-NT1200; UCD-NT2200
Consumption : 12~1200W Manual Adjustable; 2200W Automatic Adjustable
Single Sample Processing Capacity : 1.5/2mlx4 holes; 1.5/2mlx16 holes
Frequency Range : 19.5~20.5KHz
Ultrasonic Horn : Φ20mmx1 Φ60mm
Machine External Size(WxDxH)(mm) : 225x410x290

Non-Touched fully automatic ultrasonic disruptor (cup-type ultrasonic cell crusher) is commonly used for cell crushing, lysis, and release of cell particles. Especially for the release of adenovirus particles, it is not only suitable for preparing high-titer recombinant adenovirus, but also can prepare viral DNA and DNA terminal protein compounds. It is also an ideal instrument for soil sample preparation. It has become an indispensable standardized tool for CHIP (chromatin immunoprecipitation) research platform.

The non-touched fully automatic ultrasonic crusher can detect 4-16 samples at a time, with high experimental efficiency; there is no need to frequently operate the probe, and each sample is in a separate fully enclosed test tube to avoid cross-contamination; the ultrasonic energy is evenly distributed and the ultrasonic effect Complete; flexible ultrasonic parameter settings, standardized experimental procedures, good experimental repeatability, and high reliability of results.

Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor Features:

  1. Large screen LCD display.

  2. It can simultaneously detect 4-16 samples at once, with high experimental efficiency.

  3. No need to frequently operate the probe, all products are in separate fully enclosed test tubes to avoid cross contamination.

  4. The sound-absorbing device is equipped with a handle door on the side for easy internal operation.

  5. It can effectively prevent the production of sample foam.

  6. Equipped with a cooling water circulation device interface.

  7. Optional cooling water circulation device can be equipped to achieve constant temperature inside the system, effectively avoiding excessive sample temperature.

Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor Specifications:

Consumption12~1200W Manual Adjustable2200W Automatic Adjustable
Single Sample Processing Capacity1.5/2mlx4 holes1.5/2mlx16 holes
DisplayColor 4.3-inch Capacitive Touch Screen
Single Ultrasound Time0.1~99.9s
Single Interval Time0.1~99.9s
Total Working Time1~99h59m59s
Frequency Range19.5~20.5KHz
Temp. Control Range0~100℃(Optional low-temperature constant temperature bath)
Alarm FunctionTemperature, time, overload, no-load, over temperature
Ultrasonic HornΦ20mm*1Φ60mm
Processing Room Cold Bath FunctionNOYES
Date Storage20 set
Power SupplyAC110/220V 50/60Hz
OptionalPC communication, PrinterPC communication, Printer, Soundproof box lighting or sterilization
Control MethodSingle-Chip Microcomputer + TFT Touch Control
Voice Alarm & Prompt FunctionYes
Continuous UltrasoundNOYES
Optional Adapter0.2mlx8 or 0.5mlx6ml or 5mlx30.5mlx18, 5mlx18, 15mlx15
Optional Touched Type Transducer3~1000ml3~1000ml or 50mlx5
Optional Ultrasonic Horn Matched with Touched TransducerΦ3 or Φ6 or Φ10 or Φ15 or Φ20/
Machine External Size(WxDxH)(mm)225x410x290
Ultrasonic Host Net Weight(kg)107
Ultrasonic Host Gross Weight(kg)1210
Ultrasonic Host Packaging Size(LxWxH)(mm)470x305x430
Processing Room Gross Weight(kg)1219
Processing Room Packaging Size (LxWxH)(mm)320x320x700510x420x470

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