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Stackable Intelligent Full Temp Shaking Incubator

Model : ICB-930SFTS

Oscillation Frequency : 0-300rpm
Oscillation Frequency Accuracy : ±1rpm
Temperature Adjustment Accuracy : 0.1℃
Temperature Control Range : 4~60℃
Very compact, temperature-controlled shaking incubator capable of accommodating a large number of large-volume flasks; capacity can be further increased by double or triple stacking. Smooth shaking even with unbalanced loads.

Stackable Intelligent Full Temperature Shaking Incubator Feature:

  1. One layer, two layers and three layers can be freely stacked and combined. Each layer has independent temperature control and independent purchase, providing users with the maximum space with the smallest footprint. The third floor has a swing-up door, which makes it easier to load and unload medicine bottles and makes the operation safer.

  2. The overall foaming technology of the insulation layer has good insulation effect, can effectively prevent high temperature and flame retardant, and the foaming agents are all environmentally friendly materials.

  3. The surface of the shaker is sprayed with high-temperature electrostatic spraying, which is easy to clean, difficult to breed bacteria, and has good anti-corrosion and heat preservation effects.

  4. There is a ventilation hole on the left side to facilitate temperature detection and oxygen supply.

  5. The rocking plate can be freely pulled out to facilitate loading and unloading of medicine bottles.

  6. The hollow tempered glass door makes it easy to observe the inside of the box from all angles at any time without opening the door.

  7. The bottom is equipped with universal wheels, and each layer has lifting holes to facilitate transportation and transfer.

  8. The inner tank of the shaker is made of mirror stainless steel and has an R-angle design, which is not conducive to the growth and attachment of bacteria, makes it easier to clean, and makes culture safer. The bottom of the inner cavity is waterproof and washable.

  9. Various choices of clamps, and customization services for special sample bottle clamps, making every customer comfortable to use

Stackable Intelligent Full Temperature Shaking Incubator Specifications:

Oscillation Frequency0-300rpm
Oscillation Frequency Accuracy±1rpm
Oscillation AmplitudeMedium 26mm, Medium 50mm
Temperature Adjustment Accuracy0.1℃
Temperature Uniformity±1℃ (at37℃)
Temperature Control Range4-60℃
Timing Range0-999.9 hours
Convection ModeForced convection
Display MethodOLED touch screen
Control MethodPID microcomputer intelligent control
Multi-terminal ProgrammingProgrammed intelligent control
Maximum CapacitySingle layer: 250ml×60, 500mlx40
1000mlx28, 2000ml×15
Rocking Board SizeSingle layer: 925mm×530mm
External SizeSingle layer: 1000×680×350mm
Three layers: 1450×950×1800mm
WeightSingle layer 230KG
three layers 680KG
Power SupplyAC220V,50-60Hz

Stackable Shaking Incubator Core Technology:

  1. Stackable shaking incubator features a data recording capability, capturing information at one-minute intervals and storing nearly 90 days' worth of data. The system automatically generates data curves, facilitating the observation of operational conditions and analysis of parameters such as temperature, rotation speed, humidity, light intensity, and CO2 concentration. Exporting and saving data recordings and curves can be easily accomplished via USB.

  2. To ensure data integrity, the system includes a power-off recovery function, preventing loss during power outages and crashes. It also incorporates automatic alarms for over-temperature and abnormalities, promptly addressing unexpected situations, with accessible alarm information for review.

  3. Enhancing user safety and convenience, a humanized slow-stop function activates upon opening the lid, minimizing shearing force on the culture.

  4. Scheduled operations for lighting and ultraviolet sterilization are easily controlled, providing added convenience. The use of mirror stainless steel ensures sterilization without any inaccessible corners.

  5. The stackable shaking incubator's system is equipped with a standard one-piece three-claw plastic clamp, known for its ease of operation, aesthetic appeal, and extended service life.

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