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Small Intelligent Full Temperature Shaking Incubator

Model : ICB-320FTS

Amplitude : Φ26mm
Oscillation Frequency : 0-300rpm
Oscillation Frequency Accuracy : ±1rpm
Temperature Adjustment Accuracy : 0.1℃
Temperature Control Range : 4~60℃
This small intelligent full temperature shaking incubator adopts self-developed thermal expansion and contraction process to produce a drive shaft that is not easy to wear and has a long service life.

Small Intelligent Full Temperature Shaking Incubator Feature:

  1. The surface of the shaker is sprayed with high-temperature electrostatic spraying, which is easy to clean, difficult to breed bacteria, and has good anti-corrosion and heat preservation effects.

  2. The inner tank of the shaker is made of mirror stainless steel and has an R-angle design, which is not conducive to the growth and attachment of bacteria, makes it easier to clean, and makes culture safer. The bottom of the inner cavity is waterproof and washable.

  3. There is a ventilation hole on the left side to facilitate temperature detection and oxygen supply.

  4. The overall foaming technology of the insulation layer has good insulation effect and can effectively prevent high temperatures and flame retardancy.

  5. The hollow tempered glass door makes it easy to observe the inside of the box from all angles at any time without opening the door.

  6. A variety of clamps to choose from, and customization services for special sample bottle clamps, so that every customer can use it with confidence.

Small Intelligent Full Temperature Shaking Incubator Specifications:

Oscillation Frequency0-300rpm
Oscillation Frequency Accuracy±1rpm
Temperature Adjustment Accuracy0.1℃
Temperature Control Range4~60℃
Temperature Uniformity±1℃
Display MethodOLED touch screen
Control MethodPID microcomputer intelligent control
Convection ModeForced convection
Timing Range0-999.9 hours
Multi-terminal ProgrammingProgrammed intelligent control
Maximum Capacity250ml clamps x 12
500ml clamps x 8
1000ml clamps x 6
Rocking Board Size440x320mm
Internal Size265x410x509mm
Power supplyAC220V 50-60Hz

Full Temperature Shaking Incubator Core Technology:

  1. Using high-quality DC motor, combined with high-precision mechanical transmission, high speed and precise control, low speed and high torque without heat generation.

  2. The transmission shaft produced by independent research and development of thermal expansion and contraction process is not easy to wear and has a long life, ensuring the stability and silent effect of long-term uninterrupted operation of the instrument.

  3. Three-dimensional integrated multi-axis transmission, the shaker bottle can be placed at will on the shaker plate without considering the balance.

  4. Use high-quality imported compressors, fluorine-free environmentally friendly refrigerant, low noise and long life. The system has a built-in scheduled defrost function, which can be freely set from 1 to 89 minutes, and the defrost interval is adjustable from 30 to 600 minutes, ensuring that the instrument operates stably for a long time at low temperatures without ice blockage.

  5. LED touch screen, PID microcomputer intelligent control, one-key operation for temperature, speed, light intensity, humidity, CO2 concentration, and running time. You can freely set the forward or reverse rotation of the rocker; the lock screen password of the operation interface can be modified to avoid duplication operation or human error.

  6. Equipped with multi-stage programming as standard, you can freely set the culture plan, and the temperature, rotation speed, light intensity, and humidity are intelligently adjusted according to the preset program.

  7. Shaking incubator has a data recording function that records once every minute and can record 3 months of data, which is convenient for observing operation conditions and analyzing data such as temperature, rotation speed, light, humidity, etc. Data records can be exported and saved through USB.

  8. Full temperature shaking incubator has a power-off recovery function to avoid data loss caused by power outages and crashes; it has an over-temperature and abnormal alarm function to handle abnormal situations in a timely and effective manner, and the alarm information can be checked.

  9. The humanized stop or slow stop function after opening the lid makes it safer and more convenient to use, and causes less shearing force on cells.

  10. Lighting and ultraviolet sterilization program control can be operated regularly, which is more convenient. With mirror stainless steel, it can achieve sterilization without dead corners.

  11. The standard one-piece three-claw plastic clamp is easy to operate, beautiful and practical, and has a longer lifespan.

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