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Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer BA-300

Model : BA-300
Working Mode : Discrete/random access
The Longest Reaction Time : 15 minutes
Test Speed Test Speed : 300T/H (without ISE)
Sizes(W×D×H)(mm) : 660x527x524
This fully automatic biochemistry analyzer is able to process large quantities of samples quickly, increasing laboratory productivity. It is suitable for clinical diagnosis, disease monitoring, drug development and other fields.

Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer Specifications:

Working ModeDiscrete/random access
Test SpeedTest speed 300T/H (without ISE)
Test PrincipleAbsorbance photometry, Turbidimetry
MethodologyEnd-point, Fixed-time, Kinetic, Single/Dual reagent chemistries, monochromatic/bichromatic Linear/non-linear multi-point calibration
The Longest Reaction Time15 minutes
Minimum Reaction Volume150μl
Cuvettes MaterialPlastics (quartz glass can be selected), 81 cuvettes have the function of automatically deducting reagent and sample blanks
Linear Range of Absorbance0-3.8Abs
Halogen Light Source Using Time≥ 2000 hours
Wavelength340nm, 405nm, 450nm, 510nm, 546nm, 578nm, 630nm, 670nm
Refrigeration SystemWater medium uniform refrigeration technology
Reagent Storehouse Temperature4-16℃
Reaction Temperature37±0.2℃
Temperature Fluctuation±0.1℃
Shipping Size(W×D×H)(mm)1000x800x795
N.W./G.W. (kg)89/135
Sampling and mixing system
Sample Capacity2-30μl, 0.1μl increasing
Sample ProbeThe inner and outer walls are highly polished, with the function of liquid level detection, tracking and collision protection, sample probe matching special cleaning liquid, prevent cross contamination
Reagent Capacity2-300μl, 0.1μl increasing
Reagent ProbeThe inner and outer walls are highly polished, with the function of liquid level detection, tracking and collision protection
Reagent BottleReagent bottles with volume of 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 60ml and 70ml can be used, and the dead volume is less than 1ml
Mixing BarDouble mixing bar, S and R2 independent mixing bar to reduce cross contamination. The mixing bar is made of special material, surface treatment using Teflon, not hanging liquid, thoroughly clean before and after mixing to prevent cross contamination
Reagent Handing
Reagent Tray80 positions in refrigerated compartment(4~16℃)
Reagent VolumeR1: 150~300 μL, R2: 20~150 μL
Reagent ProbeLiquid level detection, collision protection and inventory check
Probe CleaningInterior and exterior automatic probe washing
Sample Handing
Sample Tray120 positions for sample primary or secondary tubes and sample cups
Sample Volume2~100μl, step by 0.1μl
Sample ProbeLiquid level detection, clot detection and collision protection
Probe CleaningInterior and exterior automatic probe washing carry-over<0.05%
Calibration and quality control
Quality Control TypeReal time quality control, daily quality control, day to day quality control
Quality Control ChartsL-J, Cumulative, Twin Plot
The Quality Control RulesArbitrarily formulated by default to Westguard multiple rules
TheCalibration Typelinear and nonlinear. Logit-4P, Logit-5P, Spline, exponent, polynomial, factor method
CalibrationAutomatically check the calibration curve and select the best calibration type of the fitting degree automatically
Operating System
English Operating SystemWindows2000, windows XP, windows7, windows8, windows10
Report PrintingMake print format and content freely, provide several common formats
User ManagementSpecial user management password, rational distribution of user operation permissions
InterfaceRS-232 standard interface, support for intranet, remote print report
DatabasesOptional various databases, autosave, automatic backup, save all kinds of data permanently
Real-time monitoring of sample tray, reagents tray, reacting tray;Real-time display of reaction temperature, reagent allowance, reaction curve, calibration curve and quality control chart
Check and judge reaction endpoint, reaction linear interval, substrate exhaustion, reagent blank absorbance, etc.
LanguageEnglish, Chinese

Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer Features:

  1. 300 tests per hour continuously

  2. 120 sample positions and 80 reagent positions

  3. 8-wavelength inverted optics

  4. Real-time quality control and automatic checking of calibration curves and automatic selection of optimal type

  5. QC charts LJ, cumulative, dual charts

  6. Free to set the print format and content, and automatic saving, automatic backup, and permanent preservation of various types of data

  7. RS-232 standard interface, support for intranet, remote printing reports

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