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Ozone Aging Test Chamber

Model : OATC-01; OATC-02; OATC-03; OATC-04; OATC-05; OATC-06; OATC-07; OATC-08

Temperature Range : 0℃~70℃
Humidity Range : 30~65%R.H
Ozone Concentration : 20~1000pphm
Tester : Dynamic and static (optional)
Sample Frame Speed : 360 ° rotation of sample rack (1 rpm)

The ozone content in the atmosphere isn't usually the main cause of rubber cracking. The ozone aging test chamber is used to simulate and intensify ozone environments, helping study its effect on rubber. It allows for quick identification and evaluation of rubber's resistance to ozone aging and helps determine effective anti-aging measures to improve the lifespan of rubber products. This series of products is suitable for testing non-metallic and organic materials (such as coatings, rubber, plastics, paints, and pigments) under ozone conditions.

Ozone Aging Test Chamber Specifications:

Chamber Size (W×D×H)(mm)500×500×400500×500×500500×500×600500×600×750600×600×800700×800×900800×1000×10001000×1000×1000
External Size(W×D×H)(mm)920×940×16801030×1010×17201100×1030×18801140×1120×19501190×1100×19501250×1300×20301290x1500x21401490×1500×2140
PerformanceTemperature Range0℃~70℃
Humidity Range30~65%R.H
Ozone Concentration20~1000pphm
Temperature Fluctuation±0.5℃
Run the Control SystemTesterDynamic and static (optional)
Sample Frame Speed360 ° rotation of sample rack (1 rpm)
Gas Flow Rate12~16mm/s
Temperature ControllerImported LED display P.I.D + S.S.R. Microcomputer integrated controller
Time ControllerHigh precision hour, minute, second time controller
Ozone Concentration AnalysisImport concentration analysis regulator 4 ~ 20 mA output, RS232 communication port
OzonizerSilent discharge tube type / UV absorption type (optional)
Security GuardLeakage, short circuit, overtemperature, motor overheating, over-current protection
Shipping Size (W×D×H)(mm)980×1000×18001090×1070×18401160×1090×20001200×1180×20701250×1160×20701310×1360×21501350×1560×22601550×1560×2260

Ozone Aging Test Chamber Feature:

  1. Stable technical indicators, reliable operation and convenient maintenance;

  2. Large touch screen operation, the operation is easy to set value and actual value display;

  3. Vacuum double glazing: large window design,  high brightness lighting, heating without fog;

  4. Ozone concentration / temperature and humidity setting value control PID self-setting, convenient and reliable operation;

  5. With a metrological verification and calibration interface;

  6. Bill-Lambert Principle measurement application software (internationally recognized);

  7. Keep interfaces for classical chemical test ozone concentration. Internal voltage stabilizing power supply;

  8. Provide more interface options for programming and document processing, with large record volume;

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