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Melting Point Tester

Model : MPT-I

Deviation of Linear Heating Rate : <5%
Temperature Transfer Medium : Methyl silicone oil
Liquid Cup for Temperature Transfer : 250ml beaker in tall form
Indicating Value Resolution : 0.1 ºC

Melting Point Tester Specifications:

Melting Point Test RangeFrom room temperature to 270ºC
Heating RateFour levels 0.5ºC/min; 1ºC/min; 1.5ºC/min; 3.0ºC/min
Deviation of Linear Heating Rate<5%
Temperature Transfer MediumMethyl silicone oil
Liquid Cup for Temperature Transfer250ml beaker in tall form
Melting Point Test PrecisionLess than 200ºC not more than ±0.5ºC; more than 200ºC not more than ±1.0ºC
Indicating Value Resolution0.1 ºC
Operational Environment Temperature18ºC-28ºC
InterfaceStandard serial printing interface, with its own micro-printer.
Power SupplyAC220/110V; 50/60Hz
Shipping Size(W×D×H)(mm)430x320x450
G.W. (kg)10

Melting Point Tester Features:

  1. Three-beaker, three-path, three-path synchronization. Manual overturn.

  2. Stainless steel net racks offer excellent corrosion resistance and provide uniform support and ventilation to ensure that samples are evenly heated and ventilated during the thawing process.

  3. Transparent sleeve allows you to clearly observe the thawing process.

  4. Automatic temp control allows you to accurately control the thawing temperature of your samples to avoid damage caused by overheating or overcooling.

  5. The automatic timer function automatically records the defrosting time, eliminating the need for manual operation.

  6. Magnetic water pump circulating water flow uniform heat system is adopted, and bath temperature is uniform.

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