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Blood Bank Refrigerator with Auto-defrost

Model : BR-4V110; BR-4V210; BR-4V370; BR-4V660; BR-4V1000

Capacity (L) : 108 / 208 / 368 / 658 / 1008
Shelves / Drawers (Qty) : 2 Shelves / 4 Shelves / 4 Shelves / 12 Shelves / 12 Drawers
Temperature Range (℃) at RT.10~32℃ : 4±1
The blood storage refrigerator is provides energy efficient, safe and reliable performance designed for research, life science, clinical and commercial applications. Supports remote alarm monitoring.

This blood storage refrigerator is designed to provide high quality storage and maximum protection for life-saving blood. Multiple parameters provide options for blood component and whole blood storage.

Blood Bank Refrigerator Specification:

Model BR-4V110 BR-4V210 BR-4V370 BR-4V660 BR-4V1000
Capacity (L) 108 208 368 658 1008
Bloodbags (450ml)(Qty) 66 132 200 360 576
Size (WxDxH) Internal (mm) 432x462x478 432x462x978 685x429x1380 1100x454x1325 1100x684x1325
External (mm) 540x630x1030 540x640x1530 785x565x1920 1220x648x1885 1240x860x1895
Temperature Range (℃) at RT. 10~32℃ 4±1 4±1 4±1 4±1 4±1
Controller Microprocessor Microprocessor Microprocessor Microprocessor Microprocessor
Cooling System Refrigerant R134a(CFC Free) R134a (CFC Free) R134a (CFC Free) R134a (CFC Free) R134a (CFC Free)
Defrost Auto Auto Auto Auto Auto
Display Digital display Digital display Digital display Digital display Digital display
Audible & Visible Alarm High/Low temperature, High ambient temperature, Sensor error, Low battery, Power failure backup system(alarm)(72h)
Material Internal Stainless steel, grade 304
External Electro-galvanized steel with antimicrobial powder coating
Accessories USB Port Standard
Casters Standard Optional Optional
Test Hole(Qty) / Diameter (mm) 1/25 1/25 1/25 1/25 1/25
Shelves / Drawers (Qty) Shelves/2 Shelves/4 Shelves/4 Shelves/12 Drawers/12
Sound Emission (dB) 49.6 51.2 51.2 51.2 53.6
Electricity Voltage/ Frequency AC110/220V & plusmn; 10%, 50/60Hz
Consumption (W) 175 183 325 383 513
N.W./G.W. (Kg) 74/95 96/120 128/135 202/257 265/335
Shipping Size (WxDxH)(mm) 700x585x1200 590x700x1700 890x650x2100 1300x735x2110 1325x970x2130

Blood Bank Fridge Features:

  1. Forced-air cooling system with electrical heat compensation controlled by microprocessor.

  2. Auto-defrost system ensure no moisture on cooling surface.

  3. Clear LED screen and control panel support easy display and operation.

  4. Frost free door made by three-layer toughened glass.

  5. Safety lock prevents unauthorized access.

Clear LED display

Clear LED Display

Safety lock

Safety Lock

Forced-air cooling system

Forced-air Cooling System

Thermal printer

Thermal Printer


  1. Lockable doors and password protected microprocessor parameter setting.

  2. Build-in backup battery up to 72 hours to display temperature and operate audible and visual alarm systems.

  3. Audible buzzer and visible flashing temperature alarm system for High/low temperature, power failure, voltage abnormal, door ajar, backup battery.

  4. Separated inner acrylic doors ensure less affection on each space when the other door opened.

Ergonomic Design

  • Adjustable shelves and separated basket for maximum safety storage and use.

  • Automatic ON/OFF light also controlled from control panel.

  • Standard 25mm test hole for connecting temperature monitoring systems.

  • Lockable universal caster wheels.

Details of blood storage refrigerator (BR-4V110):

blood storage refrigerator

The blood storage refrigerator's clear glass door makes it easy for medical staff to take a quick look inside, reduces the number of times the door has to be opened and keeps the internal temperature stable. Real-time display of internal temperature ensures precise control of the blood storage environment.

blood storage refrigerator

The BR-4V110 blood storage refrigerator is shipped with multi-layer protection using high-strength packaging materials to ensure that the unit is not damaged during transport. The interior of the box is equipped with anti-vibration foam and fixing devices to effectively absorb external shocks and prevent the equipment from shaking.

blood refrigerator

The internal shelves are well laid out and can effectively separate different types of blood products for easy storage and access. It also provides sufficient storage space, suitable for storing large quantities of blood and blood products.

blood refrigerator

blood bank fridge

blood bank fridge

Why Scitek

By choosing our BR-4V110 blood refrigerator, you will get superior quality and precise temperature control to ensure safe storage of blood and blood products. Our blood bank refrigerators are user-friendly in design, easy to operate and equipped with advanced temperature control system. We also provide professional after-sales service and safe and reliable transport guarantee to ensure that the blood storage refrigerator reaches you in perfect condition. When you choose Scitek, you choose reliability and excellent customer service.

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As a professional manufacturer, Scitek Global is certified by ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001. Almost all our products are certified by ETL, CE and FDA .

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