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Biological Safety Cabinet Class II A2 with Sash Opening

Model: BSC-IIA2-1500; BSC-IIA2-1800
Tested Opening : Safety Height 200mm (8”)
Max.Opening : 440mm
Airflow System : 70% air recirculation, 30% air exhaust
Airflow Velocity Range : 0.3-0.6m/s
External Size (W×D×H)(mm) : 1500x780x2200; 1800x780x2200
Biosafety cabinet class 2 with window openings to create a particle-free environment for small animal research activities such as cage changing, weighing, anaesthetic delivery and surgery.

Biological Safety Cabinet Class II A2 Features:

  1. Standard with high precision Air Velocity sensor.

  2. UV sterilization function and timing function can be set by appointment.

  3. With memory function in case of power-failure.

  4. Audio and visual alarm (Abnormal airflow velocity, HEPA filter failure, UV lamp failure, Front window at unsafe height).

  5. Interlock function: UV lamp and front window; UV lamp and blower, LED lamp; blower and front window.

  6. Work area surrounded by negative pressure, prevent leakage,improve Biosafety.

  7. Foot switch: adjust front window height, to avoid airflow turbulence caused by arm movement.

Biological Safety Cabinet Specifications:

Model BSC-IIA2-1500 BSC-IIA2-1800
External Size (W×D×H)(mm) 1500x780x2200 1800x780x2200
Internal Size (W×D×H)(mm) 1325x600x670 1625x600x670
Tested Opening Safety Height 200mm (8”)
Max.Opening 440mm
Airflow System 70% air recirculation, 30% air exhaust
Airflow Velocity Range 0.3-0.6m/s
Average Airflow Velocity of Door Inside 0.38-0.025m/s
Average Airflow Velocity of Mid-side 0.26-0.025m/s
Average Airflow Velocity of Inside 0.27-0.025m/s
Front Suction Airflow Velocity 0.55m-0.025m/s
Filter Specification Two, HEPA filter, ≥99.995% efficiency at 0.3 μm
Cleanliness Grade Class 100 (ISO14644.1 Level 5)
Display Full color LCD touch screen
Front Window Motorized, Tempered Glass
LED Lamp 30W*2
UV Lamp 30W*1
Blower Consumption 330W
Overall Consumption 1800W (Includes work area with two load 500W sockets)
Illumination Average Illuminance≥860Lx
Sound Emission ≤67db
Vibration Semi-peak Value ≤5μm
Cross Contamination protection Colony count ≤ 5CFU./time
Power Supply AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Material External Main Body: Electrostatic spray painting of galvanized sheet
Work Surface: 304 stainless steel
Standard Accessory

1. Base stand;
2. Air Velocity sensor;
3. HEPA filter;
4. Full color LCD touch screen;
6. LED lamp x2;
7. UV lamp x1;
8. Waterprof socket x2;
9. Motorized Front window;
10. Foot Switch;
11. Water tap

Optional Accessory Gas tap
Net Weight 235kg 315kg
Gross Weight 315kg 405kg
Shipping Size (W×D×H)(mm) 1600×970×1670 1900×970×1670
Shipping Volume (m3) 2.6 3.1

Biosafety Cabinet Class II A2 Display:


LCD touch screen


Removable work zone, 304 Stainless steel.
(Easy to pull out, convenient for cleaning and disinfection. )


Foot Switch (Standard)

1. Ventilation Products-12

Explosion-proof/Waterprof socket


Water Tap (Standard)

Details of Biological Safety Cabinet Class II A2 (BSC-IIA2-1500):

class ii cabinet

 Biological Safety Cabinet

biological safety cabinet class 2

BSC-IIA2-1500 (7)

BSC-IIA2-1500 (1)

This biological safety cabinet class II A2 is secured internally with high-density foam and shock-absorbing materials, and externally with sturdy wooden crates to ensure that the biosafety cabinet remains undamaged during long-distance transport.

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