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Exhaust System Scrubber

Model : ESS-402
Max. Flow Rate : 2.4m3/H
Max. Negative Pressure : 0.04MPa
Neutralization Methods : Water, Alkali and Carbon
Size(W×D×H)(mm) : 390x340x550
The exhaust system scrubber is a state-of-the-art exhaust gas treatment system designed for all types of industrial and production environments.

The exhaust scrubber is used in a wide variety of laboratory environments such as research laboratories, medical laboratories, chemical laboratories and more. Whether you are a large research organisation or a small laboratory, the exhaust scrubber is the ideal choice to ensure the safe disposal of laboratory exhaust gases.

By choosing our scrubber exhaust system scrubber for laboratories, you are providing your laboratory with a healthier and safer working environment for smoother and more successful research.

Exhaust System Scrubber Specifications:

Max. Flow Rate2.4m3/H
Max. Negative Pressure0.04MPa
Neutralization MethodsWater, Alkali and Carbon
Shipping Size(W×D×H)(mm)670x540x760
N.W./G.W. (kg)25/43

Exhaust System Scrubber Feature:

  1. Designed for laboratory use, the exhaust scrubber efficiently treats hazardous laboratory gases such as organic solvent vapors, acidic gases, and other exhausts from experimental processes, ensuring that the air quality in the laboratory meets safety standards.

  2. The scrubber exhaust system utilizes multi-layer filtration technology and a chemical reaction process to ensure the complete removal of a wide range of hazardous components from exhaust gases. This includes particulate matter, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), acidic and alkaline gases, etc., thus reducing potential hazards to laboratory personnel and equipment.

  3. Exhaust scrubber is equipped with an intelligent monitoring system, it monitors the composition of laboratory exhaust gases in real-time. It automatically adjusts the treatment parameters according to the monitoring data to ensure the system maintains the best treatment effect.

  4. The exhaust system scrubber helps safeguard the laboratory's air quality, improving the safety and comfort of the working environment. This is essential for the accuracy and reproducibility of laboratory research.

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