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Economical Auto Coagulation Analyzer

Model : CA-A100
Test Speed(Ts/h) : 100
Probe : 1
Test Items : APTT, PT, FIB,TT
Sample Position : 5
Sizes(W×D×H)(mm) : 530x470x420
The CA-A100 has a reputation as an economical auto coagulation analyzer with excellent performance and reliability.

Automated Coagulation Analyzer Specifications:

Test Speed (Ts/h)100
Test MethodOptical
Test ItemsAPTT, PT, FIB,TT
Test Channels4
Sample Position5
Reagent Position6
Refrigeration Functionyes
Washing Position1
Optical Cuvettes Loading4
LED Lighting LEDYes
Insufficient Alarm for Cuvettes, Reagents, DetergentYes
Overflow Alarm for Waste LiquidYes
LIS SystemYes
Shipping Size(W×D×H)(mm)650x630x540
N.W./G.W. (kg)30/40

Automated Coagulation Analyzer Features:

CA-A100 is an auto coagulation analyzer for measuring the coagulation function of blood. The device can automatically complete the steps of sample processing, reagent addition, testing, and data processing, improving the efficiency and accuracy of testing. This automated coagulation analyzer is widely used in large medical institutions, clinics, laboratories, etc. It can assist doctors in diagnosing and treating various coagulation-related diseases.

High throughput: capable of processing multiple samples simultaneously, it has high test throughput and is suitable for large medical institutions and laboratories.

Automated operation: Automatically completes the steps of sample processing, reagent addition, testing and data processing, which reduces the need for manual operation and improves the efficiency and accuracy of testing.

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