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Model : AL-T
Measurement Range : Wheat flour
Sample Volume : 250±0.5g
One-time Fermentation Sample Throughput : ≥15
Stirrer Speed : 60±2 rpm
Bubble Airflow Velocity(L/h) : 96±2

The alveograph is simple and easy to use, and can accurately test the elasticity and extensibility of dough for a wide range of industries. Now the affordable alveograph for sale at cost price.

This autograph from Scitek is suitable for all Wheat Flour and is trusted for its Bubble Airflow Velocity and Stirrer Speed reliability. It effectively helps farmers and flour mills evaluate flour characteristics that have a significant impact on the quality and processing characteristics of bread, dough and other pasta products. This Alveograph can greatly improve mill profitability.

Top Wheat Flour Alveograph Specifications:

Measurement RangeWheat flour
Sample Volume250±0.5g
Inner Diameter and Distance After TighteningThe upper and lower plates of the Alveograph are automatically closed and locked, the inner diameter of the upper plate is (55.0±0.1) mm, and the distance after tightening is (2.67±0.01)mm
One-time Fermentation Sample Throughput≥15
Stirrer Speed60±2 rpm
Bubble Airflow Velocity(L/h)96±2
Operating Temperature of Dough Mixer(℃)24±0.2
Fermenting Box Operating Temperature(℃)25±0.2
Detection IndexP value, L value, W value, G value, P/L value
Sound Emission(dBA)≤60
Power SupplyAC220V±10V, 50/60Hz
Configuration Size

Pressing groove: Height 12.0±0.1m
Pressing roller: Large diameter (40.0±0.1) mm/Small diameter (33.3±0.1) mm Circular cutter: Inner diameter (46±0.5) mm

Kneading BowlThe kneading bowl has a built-in automatic water adding function, the water injection flow pump has an accuracy of 0.2ml, and the built-in water storage tank has a volume of ≥2 L;
An external cooling water bath can be connected, and the temperature of the kneading bowl is constant to: 24°C.
Detackified Volume of Dough Samples(ml)18±2
Bubble MethodThe bubbles are blown upside down, and the detected dough pieces are automatically cleaned after the experiment. The temperature control system adopts PLC control, and the temperature control effect is good.
Result Accuracy

Coefficient of variation of W value: <±8
Coefficient of variation of P value: <±8%
Coefficient of variation of G value: <±5%

Shipping Size(W×D×H)(mm)1050x580x920
G.W. (kg)130

It is one of the special testing instruments for testing the rheological properties of dough. It is mainly used for the quality evaluation of wheat and flour in wheat breeding, wheat processing and distribution, especially for the evaluation of low-gluten flour.

Best Wheat Flour Alveograph Feature:

  1. High test accuracy and good repeatability

    Adopt electronic detection technology to detect the change of tension in the process of dough blowing, with high test accuracy, good repeatability and reproducibility.

  2. High detection efficiency & convenient test

    Adopting electronic data acquisition method and USB data communication to achieve fast and accurate reading, convenient testing, high testing efficiency.

  3. Special data processing software

    Using special data processing software, the software interface is fashionable, simple and intuitive.

  4. Traceable data results

    Automatically analyze data and print test results, with traceability of data results.

  5. Good temperature control effect

    The temperature control system of the instrument adopts PLC control, and the temperature control effect is good.

    Accurate experimental results:

    a. Fully enclosed and observable bubble blowing room, the temperature is automatically adjusted to maintain a constant temperature, and the experimental results are not affected by the external environment to ensure the accuracy of the test results;

    b. The dough is automatically positioned and foamed; the temperature and humidity of the foaming room are automatically controlled, and the foaming method is downward. The dough is rounder and closer to the ideal experimental state;

    Analysis software functions:

    The test curve is displayed in real time, the data is acquired in real time, automatically saved and archived, the data can be compared and the analysis report can be automatically generated, etc.

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