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Plant Transpiration Rate Meter

Model : PTRM-1000
Air Temperature Resolution : 0.1℃
Leaf Temperature Resolution : 0.1℃
Air Humidity Resolution : 0.001
Size(W×D×H)(mm) : 260x260x130
The plant transpiration rate meter assesses the transpiration activity of plants by monitoring the amount of water lost from their leaves, helping the user to understand the plant's water use efficiency and environmental adaptability.

Plant Transpiration Rate Meter Specifications:

Display320×160 lattice
Air TemperatureRange0~50℃
Leaf TemperatureRange0~50℃
Air HumidityRange0~100%
PARRange0~2500µmolm m2/s
Accuracy<5µmolm m2/s
FluxGlass rotameter
Size of Leaf Chamber55mm x 20mm. Customized available
Work EnvironmentTemperature: 20℃~50℃
Relative Humidity: 0‐100% (without condensation of moisture)
Power SupplyDC7.4V Li‐ion battery, 7‐9 hours continuously working
Shipping Size(W×D×H)(mm)580x380x270
N.W./G.W. (kg)3.25/11

Plant Transpiration Rate Meter Feature:

  1. Equipped with various sensors such as TL, TC, RH, etc., it can comprehensively measure the temperature, leaf temperature, PAR, air humidity and other parameters of plants and their surroundings.

  2. Different leaf chambers can be applied to different shapes of field crops, fruits and vegetables, hay, and so on.

  3. Plant transpiration rate meter is equipped with a silicon phototransistor with a correction filter to measure PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) value with a wide range and high precision to ensure the reliability of measurement results.

  4. Battery continuous working time of up to 7-9 hours to ensure long-time field use.

  5. Plant transpiration rate meter is equipped with 2GB SD card, it can store a large amount of measurement data, visual display of real-time measurement results and historical data.

  6. Menu display, cursor operation

  7. Real-time display of test process and results, small size, lightweight, easy to carry, single operator.

  8. Integrated glass rotor flowmeter, accurate measurement of plant transpiration flux, reflecting the rate of plant water evaporation.

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