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Orbital Shaker SK-O180S

Model : SK-O180S

Orbital Diameter : 20mm
Max. Load Capacity : 2kg (With platform)
Speed Range : 40-200rpm
Time Settings Range : 1min-19h59min
Work Plate Size(W×D) : 268×268mm
The low price of this orbital shaker makes it ideal for general microplate shakers.

Economical Orbital Shaker Specifications:

Orbital Diameter20mm
Max. Load Capacity (With Platform)2kg
Motor TypeDC motor
Motor Input Power20W
Motor Output Power16W
Speed Range40-200rpm
Speed DisplayLED
Timer DisplayLED
Time Settings Range1min-19h59min
Voltage100-240V, 50/60Hz
Permissible Ambient Temperature and Humidity5-40℃, 80%RH
Work Plate Size (W×D)268×268mm
Protection ClassIP21
Sizes (W×D×H)(mm)425×360×205
Shipping Size (W×D×H)(mm)435×370×230
N.W./G.W. (kg)3.82/4.5

Orbital Shaker Feature:

  1. Orbital Shaker has a wide orbital diameter, providing a greater sample mixing range and ensuring full and uniform mixing results.

  2. Ideal for handling smaller sample containers or light-duty experiments.

  3. Equipped with a DC motor to ensure powerful mixing performance and reliability.

  4. Wide range of speed adjustment options for different experimental needs, such as dissolving, mixing, etc.

  5. LED display clearly shows the experimental parameters, enabling the user to grasp the operating status accurately.

  6. Adjust the mixing time according to the experimental needs to achieve more precise experimental control.


Q: Economical Orbital Shaker is relatively inexpensive, but do I need to sacrifice performance and durability?

A: We have ensured that the Economical Orbital Shaker offers affordability while still providing reliable performance. We focus on balance in our design to ensure an economical product with consistent performance.

Q: Is the Orbital Shaker suitable for my specific type of experiment?

A: Our Economic Orbital Shaker is designed to be used in a wide range of experimental applications, including culturing cells, mixing liquids and solutions, and more. However, specific suitability may vary depending on experimental requirements and it is recommended to review the product specification to ensure it meets your experimental needs.

Q: How is the maintenance and service of the Orbital Shaker? Is it easy to maintain?

A: We have designed the Economic Orbital Shaker to ensure easy maintenance and cleaning. The products usually come with clear instruction manuals, and we also offer online support and service. Our customer service team is always available to answer questions and provide the necessary support to ensure that the equipment runs properly.

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