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Digital Viscometer VSC-KU2

Model : VSC-KU2
Measuring Range (mPa·s) : 40~141KU; 32~1099gm; 27~5274cP
Measurement Accuracy : ±1%(FS)(Newtonian Fluid)
Repeatability : ±0.5%(FS)(Newtonian Fluid)
Rotation Speed : 200

Viscometer Features:

VSC-KU2 series digital viscometers are specially used to measure the viscosity of fluids with Krebs as the unit (ie KU value) of paints and coatings. According to the ASTMD562 industry standard, KU value can be converted into Measurements in gm and cP.

Specially used printer

RTD temperature probe (Temp range: 0℃~100℃  ±0.1℃)

Appliction of Viscometer:

The VSC-KU2 series digital viscometer is most commonly used to measure the viscosity of coatings, paints and similar substances, it is also commonly used in the following industries:

  1. Coatings and Paints Industry: The Stormer Viscometer is used to measure the viscosity of coatings. This is important to ensure consistency, flow and quality of coatings.

  2. Construction Materials: Stormer Viscometers are used in the construction industry to assess the rheological properties of materials, particularly in the preparation of concrete, mortar and other construction coatings.

  3. Chemical Industry: The VSC-KU2 Stormer Viscometer is used in the chemical industry for a wide range of liquid and semi-solid products to help determine the rheological and handling properties of products.

Stormer Viscometer Specifications:

Measuring Range(mPa·s)40~141KU
Measurement Accuracy±1%(FS)(Newtonian Fluid)
Repeatability±0.5%(FS)(Newtonian Fluid)
Rotation Speed200
Power SupplyAC100~240V, 50/60Hz
Shipping Size(WxDxH)(mm)400x350x360

*cP value is for reference only, not for checking.

Apparatus to be equipped

Digital viscosity meter1 pce
Ascending and Falling Rack1 set
Power Adapter1 pce
Spanner1 pce
Seat and Leveling Feet1 set
Special Spindle1 pce
Viscometer Operation Manual1 set

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