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Biological Microscope

Model : MSC-B101M; MSC-B101MI

Viewing Head : Monocular Head Inclined at 45° / Dual Observation 45°, -90° Inclined and Vertical 360° Rotatable
Eyepiece : Wide Field Plane-scope Eyepiece: WF10x18mm
Objective : Achromatic 4x, 10x, 40x(Spring), 100x(Spring, Oil)
Entry Level Upright Microscope is ideal for educational purposes or basic lab use.

Biological Microscope Specifications:

Viewing HeadMonocular Head Inclined at 45°

Dual observation 45°, -90°inclined and vertical 360° Rotatable

NosepieceBall beating quadruple nosepiece
EyepieceWide field plane-scope eyepiece: WF10X18mm
CondenserAbbe NA1.25 condenser with Iris, diaphragm & filter, rack & pinion adjustable
StageDouble layer mechanical stage 115x125mm moving range 30x50mm
IlluminationIllumination and halogen lamp 6V/20W. Power supply 220V, 3W LED
ObjectiveAchromatic 4X, 10X, 40X(Spring), 100X(Spring, Oil)
Power SupplyAC110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
PackageCartoon with foam

Shipping Size


G.W. (kg)6

Biological Microscope Features:

MSC-B101M and MSC-B101MI biological microscopes are versatile instruments designed for efficient and precise observation, each with unique features to meet a wide range of microscopic observation needs.

The comfortable viewing angle allows for flexible observation from different angles.

Both microscopes have a ball-bearing quadruple nosepiece to ensure smooth and reliable objective lens changes. The wide-field plane lens eyepiece (WF10X18 mm) provides a clear and wide field of view for detailed observation.

Adjustable via rack and pinion for precise control of illumination and contrast.

Double mechanical stage (115x125 mm) provides a wide 30x50 mm range of movement for accurate handling and positioning of the sample.

Illumination is efficiently provided by a 6V/20W halogen lamp, ensuring sufficient brightness for microscopic observation.

The package includes a sturdy carrying case with foam to ensure safe transport and storage of the microscope.

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