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10 Best Ultra Low Freezer in 2024

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If you have no time to browse through the ultra low freezers, -86°C ultra low temperature freezer is the best choose.

Ultra low freezers can maintain temperatures from -40 to -150°C. They are essential in many bio-research institutes, medical laboratories, marine food freezers, etc.

Ultra cold freezer provides precise temperature control for long term storage of chemicals, biological samples, plasma, cells, proteins or tuna products that require cryogenic or frozen storage.

You can continue reading this article if you want to invest in an ultra low freezer with reliable performance and price.

What is an ultra low freezer

Ultra low temperature freezer is a specialized cold chain device that can maintain extremely low temperatures (usually below -40°C). In scientific or medical research, it stores temperature-sensitive materials such as vaccines, enzymes, biological samples, etc.

Ult freezers ensure they can store materials for long periods without damage.

Of course, you can also use them to freeze valuable fish such as tuna. Improper room temperature or speed of freezing can very easily cause discoloration of the fish. In order to ensure that the fish does not lose its nutrients and that the color remains unchanged, special ult freezers are usually chosen for preservation.

Types of ultra low freezer

ultra low freezer

Chest ultra low freezer

ultra freezer

Upright ultra low temperature freezer

The common ultra low temperature freezer can be categorized into upright and chest. Usually, upright refrigerators have a smaller footprint, but chest freezers will freeze more efficiently.

Scitek's ultra low freezer can reach quickly -80°C in 1-2 hours. All ultra cold freezers come with a HEAVY DUTY caster for easy mobility.

Our Picks for the best ultra low freezer

Temperature Product Feature
-40℃ FZ-40V410 Upright Freezer Double-sealed door
Efficient refrigeration capacity
FZ-40H220 Chest Freezer
Large capacity
Adjustable stainless steel shelf
Limited door hinge prevents collision
Eco friendly CFC-free refrigerant
-60℃ FZ-60H110 Tuna Freezer Audible and visible alarm
Double-sealed door
FZ-60H60 German EBM fan
Extremely high precision
Wide voltage band design
UFZ-86V410P Dual refrigeration system
Safety door lock
Rapid freezing
UFZ-86V60E Economical
Safety door lock
Mixed refrigeration system
Separates storage compartments
Safety door lock
Removable inner door for easy cleaning
UFZ-86H100 Rapid freezing
Large capacity
Energy saving
-150℃ UFZ-150H130 Uses non-flammable HC refrigerant
Emergency stop function

FZ-40V410 Upright Ultra Low Freezer


This is a -15 to -45℃ upright ultra low freezer. Whether you are a first time buyer or a professional, the FZ-40V410 can meet most of your needs.

First, its capacity is available in 408 / 608 /708 / 808 sizes for you to choose from. You can choose the best ultra cold freezer according to the size of the objects you need to freeze later.

The overall design of the freezer is made of Electro-galvanized steel with antimicrobial powder coating to ensure a longer service life. The interior is made of 304 stainless steel to ensure greater safety during use.

The double sealed door and extra thick insulation foam layer effectively protect the temperature inside the refrigerator.

Also, you don't have to worry about the freezer being difficult to move, as the universal caster's design ensures you can quickly move it.

Door lock design to prevent unauthorized access.

-45°C Upright Ultra Low Freezer Specifications

Model FZ-40V410 FZ-40V610 FZ-40V710 FZ-40V810
Capacity (L) 408 608 708 808
Internal 550x630x1140 700x680x1255 850x735x1170 850x735x1335
External 850x960x1860 940x980x1920 1090x1010x1860 1090x1010x2025
Sensor PTC
Controller Microprocessor
Refrigerant Mixed with CFC free
Defrost Manual
Compressor (Qty) SECOP/2
Display LED
Visible Alarm
High/Low temperature Standard
Shelves / Drawers (Qty) Shelves / 3
Consumption (W) 420 810 820 850
N.W. / G.W. (kg) 200/230 265/295 285/315 300/330
Shipping Size (WxDxH) (mm) 930x1060x2010 1020x1080x2070 1170x1110x2010 1170x1110x2175

FZ-40H220 Chest Freezer

ult freezer

This is a -15℃ to -45℃ ultra low freezer, suitable for ultra freezer configuration, performance, and parameters with high industry requirements, such as scientific research, unique materials and ultra low temperature experiments.

Ultra cold freezer's biggest feature is that the temperature can realize a 0.1°C increment, and the computer has a real-time temperature display. It can strictly control the temperature change during use. If the temperature value in the chamber is detected to deviate from the predetermined setting, an alarm will be generated immediately. This provides a double guarantee for the realization of accurate temperature.

German EBM fans and imported compressors can provide stable performance and strong and efficient cooling capacity.

The large capacity can meet the storage of super materials; do not worry about the small space capacity.

This will be your first choice if you are looking for a suitable ult freezer for your lab.

-45°C Chest Freezer Specifications

Model FZ-40H220 FZ-40H420
Capacity (L) 220 420
Internal (mm) 960x470x600 1480x470x680
External (mm) 1160x765x885 1680x765x985
Refrigerant Mixed with CFC free
Defrost Manual
Compressor (Qty) SECOP/1
Sensor PTC
Controller Microprocessor
Sound Emission (dB) 60
Consumption (W) 380 480
N.W. / G.W. (kg) 106/136 146/176
Shipping Size (WxDxH) (mm) 1260x845x1035 1780x845x1135

FZ-40H110 Chest Ultra Freezer


The capacity of this ultra low freezer is 105 / 305 / 485. The different capacity provides customers with a variety of choices. It solves the needs of many customers who are worried about the capacity. Scitek is a reputable brand; all our products meet FDA or CE requirements. The refrigerator shell is made of electro galvanized steel, which is more durable. Meanwhile, the power failure backup system can support up to 12 hours, so there is no need to worry about power failure in a short time.

Ultra cold freezer supports a minimum freezing temperature of -40°C and is designed with internal compartments for easy separate storage. This is a feature that many chest ultra freezers don't have. So, if you want a chest freezer with a freezing temperature of -40°C or more and capable of separated storage, then the FZ-40H110 is your first choice.

The FZ-40H110 comes with a limit door hinge that effectively prevents collision with surrounding objects when opening the door. It also features a clear LED display for easy operation. The refrigerator can be alerted by the alarm when there is any sensor error or the door is not closed.

-40°C Chest Ultra Low Freezer Specifications

Model FZ-40H110 FZ-40H310 FZ-40H490
Capacity (L) 105 305 485
Size (WxDxH)(mm) Internal 480x380x665 1000x520x665 1455x525x665
External 694x686x942 1218x840x940 1667x863x949
Temperature Range (℃) at RT.10~32℃ -10~-40 -20~-40 -20~40
Sensor NTC
Cooling Stystem Refrigerant R290 (CFC Free )
Defrost Manual
Compressor (Qty) CUBIGEL/1
Power failure backup system(alarm) 12h
Sound Emission (dB) 50 55
Electricity Voltage /Frequency AC110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Consumption (W) 160 162 295
N.W./G.W. (Kg) 52/64.5 80/85 108/135
Shipping Size (WxDxH) (mm) 750x700x1040 1295x842x1070 1775x880x1060

FZ-60H110 Tuna Freezer

ultra freezer

If you are looking for an affordable deep sea creature freezer, the -60°C Tuna Freezer is a strong contender. This chest ultra low freezer is affordable and has two capacities to consider 105 / 485L. You will almost certainly find the freezer with the most suitable capacity for you.

The ultra cold freezer can support temperatures ranging from -25 to -60°C, and it also has frequent startup protection and a refrigeration system that will continue to function properly in the event of a sensor failure. Therefore, this freezer is the best storage freezer for aquaculture factories with different needs.

You can also set the temperature protection of the freezer according to your desired temperature. When the freezer's temperature reaches a deviation from the set value, it will automatically alarm you. This feature effectively ensures that your goods will not be affected in case of a power outage or other unforeseen circumstances, minimizing your monetary loss.

-60°C Tuna Freezer Specifications

Model FZ-60H110 FZ-60H490
Capacity (L) 105 485
Size (WxDxH)(mm) Internal 480x380x665 1455x525x665
External 680x580x935 1670x810x930
Temperature Range (℃) at RT. 10~32℃ -25 ~ -60
Sensor NTC
Controller Microprocessor
Cooling System Refrigerant R4001 (CFC Free )
Defrost Manual
Compressor (Qty) CUBIGEL/1
Display Digital display
Sound Emission (dB) 53
Electricity Voltage/Frequency AC110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Consumption (W) 380 600
N.W./G.W. (Kg) 65/70 122/149
Shipping Size (WxDxH) (mm) 770x705x1090 1775x900x1050

FZ-60H60 Tuna Ultra Low Freezer

ultra freezer

Compared with FZ-60H110, this is a more professional -60℃ ultra low temperature freezer.

You can use it not only for freezing aquatic products but also for scientific research, biological experiments, medical and pharmaceutical research and other fields with high requirements for temperature changes. To better meet the needs of high-end industries, it is designed with 58/120/ 220/ 320/ 458 capacities to choose from. Whether you want to store tiny objects such as samples or biological reagents or place more oversized products such as tuna, you can find the suitable capacity inside.

In other words, use it to meet the needs of all walks of life.

This is the best choice if you are looking for a research-grade freezer.

-60°C Tuna Freezer Specifications

Model FZ-60H60 FZ-60H120 FZ-60H220 FZ-60H320 FZ-60H460
Capacity (L) 58 120 220 320 458
Internal (mm) 410x410x385 700x470x385 960x470x600 1330x470x600 1380x500x600
External (mm) 670x765x1025 900x765x945 1160x765x885 1530x765x885 2110x895x1090
Temperature Range (℃) -25~-65℃, adjustable
Sensor PTC
Refrigerant Mixed with CFC free
Defrost Manual
Compressor (Qty) SECOP/1
Display LED
Shelves / Drawers (Qty) / / / / /
Sound Emission (dB) 60
Electricity Voltage / Frequency 220V, 50/60Hz;110V,60Hz
Consumption (W) 360 340 400 480 520
N.W. / G.W. (kg) 83/108 89/114 106/136 126/156 207/237
Shipping Size (WxDxH) (mm) 750x845x1175 1000x845x1095 1260x845x1035 1630x845x1035 2190x975x1240

UFZ-86V410P Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

ultra low temp freezer

This ultra cold freezer's best feature is its two independent cooling systems. When the commonly used system fails, the other cooling system can efficiently control the temperature to -70°C. This feature is necessary for preserving valuable reagents. Also, the inner door of the refrigerator is removable, which is necessary for regular cleaning.

It contains several safety features such as high/low temperature alarm, low battery alarm, system failure alarm and so on. Once the machine has any failure that affects the freezing effect, it can notify you in time.

Pure environmental protection refrigerant, for many environmentalists, is very necessary. Meanwhile, it adopts a high-end LCD and supports adding a data logger, backup system, and other auxiliary functions to make the process more secure.

Its advanced functions and various safety protection measures suit scientific research or experimental institutes.

-86°C Ultra Freezer Specifications

Model UFZ-86V410P UFZ-86V590P UFZ-86V730P UFZ-86V840P
Capacity (L) 408 588 728 838
Size(WxDxH) Internal (mm) 606x575x1180 606x738x1310 963x571x1350 894x718x1310
External (mm) 891x992x1945 891x1155x1994 1248x975x1994 1179x1135x1994
Temperature Range (℃) at room temperature 10~32℃ -40~-86
Sensor PTC
Controller Microprocessor
Cooling System Refrigerant R4001 (CFC Free)
Defrost Manual
Compressor (Qty) SECOP/2
Accessories Standard USB port, Casters, Remote alarm port, 25mm Test hole
Optional Data logger, Back up system (CO₂/LN₂)
Shelves / Drawers (Qty) Shelves/3
Optional Frozen Racks (Qty) Racks 8(5x4)+8(4x4) 16(5x5) 18(5x4)+6(6x4) 18(5x4)+6(6x4)
Boxes (2 Inches) 288 400 504 600
Samples (2ml) 28800 40000 50400 60000
Sound Emission (dB) 53 55
Electricity Voltage/Frequency AC110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Consumption (W) 1350 1500 1400 1700
N.W./G.W. (kg) 285/310 303/332 380/400 391/424
Shipping Size (WxDxH) (mm) 954x955x2094 970x1138x2185 1320x970x2185 1262x1098x2185

UFZ-86V60E Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

This ultra low freezer uses a hybrid cooling system for fast and stable cooling. And it has a low price. Compared with other types of freezers, it is more energy efficient and easy to maintain. There are 1/2/3 layer partitions for you to choose from. These high performance insulation panels can effectively improve the temperature stability of the freezer.

The refrigerant does not contain CFC, which is very environmentally friendly during operation. Meanwhile, the freezer is equipped with a USB port, Casters, a Remote alarm port, 25 Test holes for free, and a more advanced function and configuration.

Click:-86°C Ultra Freezer Specifications

UFZ-86V30 Ultra Low Freezer

The UFZ-86V30 has a minimum capacity of 28L and a maximum of 938L.

If you want to start a small business and need a small freezer, this is a good choice. The temperature adjustment range is -40~-86℃.

The ultra cold freezer utilizes a hybrid refrigeration system to ensure faster freezing and energy efficiency. The freezer's interior is divided for storage, greatly reducing the amount of frost that builds up inside. Its biggest drawback is that the refrigerant is mixed with CFC, so if you are particularly bothered about that, you can ignore this freezer. But other than that, it is the best in every way and value for money.

Click:-86°C Ultra Freezer Specifications

UFZ-86H100 Chest Ultra Low Freezer

ultra low temp freezer

UFZ-86H100 is a horizontal ultra cold freezer. Compared to vertical, it cools faster and is designed with a powerful cooling system to support rapid cooling. The high density insulation foam layer further ensures stable temperature inside the cabinet. The most important feature of this ultra low temp freezer is the use of overlay technology to optimize the cooling system further. This allows it to cool faster while consuming less power.

-86°C Ultra Low Freezer Specifications

Model UFZ-86H100 UFZ-86H490
Capacity (L) 105 485
Size(WxDxH) (mm) Internal 480x380x665 1455.5x525.2x674
External 680x580x935 1695x840x962
Temperature Range (℃) at RT. 10~32℃ -40~-86
Sensor PTC
Controller Microprocessor
Cooling system Refrigerant R4001 (CFC Free)
Defrost Manual
Compressor (Qty) CUBIGEL/1 SECOP/1
Sound Emission (dB) 50 54.5
Electricity Voltage/Frequency AC110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Consumption (W) 500 670
N.W./G.W. (kg) 65/70 130/150
Shipping Size(WxDxH) (mm) 770x705x1090 1765x900x1060

UFZ-150H130 -150℃ Freezer


Will generally use this type of ultra-low temperature freezer in life science research, pharmaceutical, cold chain and other industries that require very high temperatures. It is mainly used to maintain the freshness and quality of the items. The chamber of this ultra low freezer is made of 304 stainless steel and has an adjustable temperature range of -40 to -150°C in 1°C increments. Can quickly coole items in less than 6 hours.

Use a 7-inch touchscreen to record historical temperatures and alarm data.

The ultra cold freezer is made of non-flammable HC, ensuring the user's operational safety.

It is also equipped with an emergency stop button to protect the operator.

-150°C Ultra Low Temp Freezer Specifications

Model UFZ-150H130
Capacity 128L
Size (WxDxH) (mm) Internal 500x450x578
External 1560x957x1178
Temperature Range at RT.10~32℃ -40~-150℃
Sensor PT100
Controller Microprocessor
Cooling System Refrigerant Mixed-gas (CFC Free)
Defrost Manual
Compressor (Qty) TECUMSEH/1
Sound Emission 50dB
Electricity Voltage/Frequency AC220V, 50Hz
Consumption 2550W
N.W./G.W. 245/340kg
Shipping Size(WxDxH) (mm) 1637x970x1383

What to consider when buying ultra low freezers

Freezing Temperature

When buying an ultra low temp freezer the first thing we are most concerned about is what is its minimum freezing temperature. And whether it has a stable, reliable cooling system and accurate temperature control. If the freezer's minimum temperature can't meet your needs, we won't choose to buy it even if the rest of the freezer is perfect. So when looking for an ult freezer, first consider the minimum and adjustable temperature ranges. Of course, it is very useful to have a display that allows you to see how the temperature changes when you open the door.


Dimensions here include freezer volume, storage space, etc. It is best to specify the dimensions of each chamber if there are compartments. The internal dimensions affect the number of samples it can hold once you have purchased it. The external dimensions of the freezer determine how much space you need to reserve for its placement. I'm sure you don't want to be short of space to set it up.


When buying ultra freezer, try to check the supplier's factory qualification or product testing certificate. Choosing a reliable supplier can give you a pleasant shopping experience, including the supplier's after-sales service. You want to make sure that you can contact them even after you have been using the machine for a while. The most direct way is to buy from a well-known brand or name with an independent manufacturing plant.


Some people who are sensitive to sound or who need to use their equipment in a quiet environment need to be aware of the noise decibels produced by the freezer when it is in operation.

Environmental friendliness

Refrigerators are available with either CFC-free or mixed refrigerants, so if environmental friendliness is important to you, you should check the refrigerant composition of your refrigerator before purchasing.


The materials used in the shell and cavity of the machine determine the life of the refrigerator. Try to choose food-grade stainless steel for the cavity.


Ultra low temperatures can have unpredictable consequences in the event of direct skin contact or cooling system failure. Before purchasing, choose a freezer with safety features such as an emergency stop button, power failure alarm, high/low temperature, and door half-open alarm.

Why ultra low freezer matters

In medical experiments, scientific research and other fields often use ultra low freezers to store biological samples, enzymes, cells, proteins, antibodies, small molecules and other sensitive materials. It is essential to purchase a freezer that has a stable performance and does not allow frozen materials to be preserved after a power failure or a cooling system failure.

They greatly save researchers time and cost. Ultra-low temperature freezers ensure the quality and integrity of frozen materials. Researchers can quickly access samples in the freezer without spending time reconfiguring it.

What are ULT freezers used for

Biopharmaceuticals: bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, vaccines, antibodies, etc.

Chemicals: enzymes, reagents, new materials, etc.

Medical experiments: plasma, DNA, cells, small molecules, bone materials, etc.

Food: deep-sea fish such as tuna, striped bass, salmon, etc.

How long do ultra low freezers last

The service life of an ultra low temperature freezer depends on many factors, including the quality of manufacture, the environment of use and maintenance. Generally speaking, the service life of an ultra low freezer is around 10-15 years. However, some ultra low freezers can last longer if properly used and maintained. In order to ensure the long-term use of ultra low temperature refrigerators, it is recommended to carry out regular maintenance and servicing, such as cleaning, defrosting and checking the temperature control system. In addition,  should avoid frequent opening and closing of the refrigerator door to minimize temperature fluctuations and maintain the stability of the refrigerator's internal temperature.

How efficient is the ultra low freezer

The efficiency of an ultra low temperature (ULT) freezer depends on several factors, including its model, size and features. Currently, ultra low freezer uses advanced insulation and compressors to reduce heat loss and minimize energy consumption. Typically ultra low freezer's consumption varies between 500-30,000w, while a 60" home TV has a consumption of around 300w. From this, you can estimate the electricity cost of an hour of ultra cold freezer.

How does an ultra cold freezer work

  1. The compressor compresses the gaseous refrigerant.

  2. The compressor compresses the gaseous refrigerant, which flows into the condenser and cools it to liquid form.

  3. The evaporator then evaporates it to absorb the heat from the freezer chamber.

  4. After absorbing the heat, it returns to the compressor in a gaseous state, and the process is repeated to keep the chamber temperature low.

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Scitek Global looks forward to establishing cooperation with more distributors all over the world, and working together to create greater customer value.

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