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Pilot Freeze Dryer, -60℃ Cold Trap Temp.

Model : FD-P2F;

Freeze Drying Area (m2) : 0.12
Tray Size(mm) : 300x400
Tray Quantity : 1
Vacuum Degree(Pa) : ≤1Pa
The pilot freeze dryer is designed for freeze drying light to medium sample volumes. The compact design is ideal for laboratories with limited floor space.

Pilot Freeze Dryer Specifications:

Freeze-drying Area(m2)0.12
Cold Trap Water Capture Capacity(kg)2
Tray Size(mm)300x400
Tray Quantity1
Minimum Cold Trap Temperature(℃)-60℃
Shelf Temperature(℃)-50℃~+60℃
Vacuum Degree(Pa)≤5 (Optional vacuum pump can achieve ≤1)
Number of Penicillin Bottles That Can be Placed (For Reference Only)16mm/2ml700
Vacuum PumpStandard
Capping MethodAutomatic capping (optional)
Power SupplyAC220V, 50/60Hz
Shipping Size(W×D×H)(mm)Main machine:
Vacuum pump:
G.W. (kg)(Including Vacuum Pump)110

Pilot Freeze Dryer Features:

  1. FD-P2F pilot freeze dryer is a model launched by Scitek for freeze-drying of disc-shaped materials. It can be used for freeze-drying of liquid or solid samples.

  2. All operating processes can be carried out in the warehouse. According to the set temperature, time and vacuum pressure, the samples are pre-frozen in situ. Each layer is equipped with a product temperature probe.

  3. The transparent plexiglass cold trap door allows you to observe the ice formation in the cold trap. You can choose hot air defrost (quick). The shelf temperature is -50°C to +60°C. The effective shelf area is from 0.1-0.48㎡.

  4. Microprocessor control and touch screen cloud configuration function, which can be used for remote control and remote data via mobile phones and computers.

  5. Compressor imported from France

  6. Collect acrylic doors to observe the freeze-drying conditions of materials

  7. With vacuum control function

  8. Supports slope heating and cooling, that is, setting the speed of heating or cooling

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