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Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer SP-AA Series

Model : SP-AA3638; SP-AA3668

Monochromator : Czerny-Turner type, focal lengths at 350mm
Wavelength Range (nm) : 185-900nm
Wavelength Accuracy (nm) : 0.2 nm; 0.15nm
Wavelength Repeatability (nm) : ≤0.1nm; ≤0.05nm
Spectral Bandwidth Deviation : ±0.02 nm
External Size(WxDxH)(mm) : 830x650x560
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer for analysis of major and trace elements in metallurgy, geology, mining, petroleum, etc.

The atomic absorption spectrophotometer is widely used in the analysis of major and trace elements in metallurgy, geology, mining, petroleum, light industry, agriculture, medicine, health, food and environmental monitoring.

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Features:

  1. Equipped with a complete software and hardware system, it is highly intelligent, easy to use and simple to operate, and meets the requirements of authority management, audit tracking and other requirements.

  2. It has both flame and graphite furnace atomizers. The two test modes can be switched freely and matched automatically.

  3. Fully automatic eight-lamp position rotating lamp stand, automatic switching, free setting of work lamp/preheating lamp, automatic call of optimal analysis parameters and analysis conditions.

  4. Total reflection optical system, full-band achromatic, automatic wavelength scanning, automatic peak search.

  5. Both the flame and graphite furnace systems have deuterium lamps and self-priming background subtraction to meet the detection needs of complex matrix samples.

  6. Full titanium burner, stable combustion and fast heat balance.

  7. Longitudinal heating graphite furnace technology achieves uniform temperature of the graphite tube.

  8. Reliable multiple protection systems, real-time flame monitoring, acetylene leakage monitoring and protection, real-time monitoring of abnormal pressure, and cooling water monitoring.

  9. The graphite furnace atomization system has alarm functions for insufficient cooling water flow, insufficient argon pressure, excessive temperature of the graphite furnace, abnormal power supply temperature, and poor contact during graphite tube installation, and automatically cuts off the temperature rise program to ensure the safety of the operation and use process.

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Specifications:

Optical SystemOptical SystemSingle BeamDouble Beam
MonochromatorCzerny-Turner type, focal lengths at 350mm
GratingGrating 1800 lines/mm, scintillation wavelength 250nm
Spectral Bandwidth (nm)0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 0.7, 1.4, 2nm
Automated slit selection
Wavelength Range (nm)185-900nm
Wavelength Accuracy (nm)0.20 nm0.15nm
Wavelength Repeatability (nm)≤0.10nm≤0.05nm
Spectral Bandwidth Deviation±0.02 nm
Lamp Stand8
Element Lamp TypeCu lamp, Cd lamp(Standard accessory)
Other element lamp is optional accessory
Photometric PerformanceReading ModeTransmittance, absorbance, concentration
Photometric Range0-125%, -0.1-3.00A
Static Baseline Drift (Cu)±0.003A/30min±0.003A/30min
Dynamic Baseline Drift (Cu)±0.005A/15min±0.005A/15min
Background CorrectionDeuterium lamp≥ 40x (1Abs), self-priming≥ 80x (1Abs) (optional)Deuterium lamp≥ 40x (1Abs), self-priming≥ 80x (1Abs) (optional)
Flame SystemCharacteristic Concentration (Cu)≤0.035ug/ml≤0.035ug/ml
Detection Limit (Cu)≤0.006ug/ml≤0.004ug/ml
Repeatability (Cu)RSD≤0.6%RSD≤0.5%
Acetylene Flow ControlAuto 12-Level
Air Assist ControlAuto 4-Level
Burner LiftAutomatic lifting
Burner HeadTitanium 100mm burner
NebulizerHigh efficiency glass nebulizer
Spray ChamberCorrosion-resistant material spray chamber
Safety ProtectionAutomatically cut off gas in case of low pressure, power failure, flame out, or burner mismatched
Graphite FurnaceCharacteristic AmountCd≤0.8pg,Cu≤20pgCd≤0.8pg,Cu≤20pg
Detection LimitCd≤1.0pg,Cu≤10pgCd≤0.8pg,Cu≤5pg
Heating Range of Graphite FurnaceRoom temperature-3000℃
High Power Heating Range1500-3000℃
Slope and Holding Time1s-255s
Heating RateMaximum heating rate 2000°C/s
Atomization Heating ModeLight-controlled heating, Time-controlled heating, General heating
Protective Gas Flow Outside Pipe1 L/min
Protective Gas Flow Inside Pipe4-speed adjustable (0, 50, 200, 250ml/min flow)
Safety ProtectionCooling water flow, Protective gas pressure, Furnace body temperature, Power supply temperature, Graphite furnace installation alarm
Data ProcessingMeasuring MethodMeasuring method
Concentration Calculation MethodConcentration calculation method
Repeat Measurement TimesRepeat measurement times
Report PrintingReport printing
OtherComputerExternal connect
Ambient Temp10℃-30℃
Ambient Humidity40%-85%
Power Supply220V, 50/60HZ
External Size (WxDxH)(mm)830x650x560
Shipping Size (WxDxH)(mm)1000x780x810
N.W./G.W. (kg)110/130
Standard AccessorySoftware, Cd Hollow cathode lamp, Pipette
Optional AccessoryComputer, Printer, Autosampler, Recirculating cooling water system
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