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Vertical Electrophoresis Tank

Model : ET-V01

Sample Comb : 10, 15 samples
Number of Gels : 1-2 pcs
Number of Samples : 10~30pcs
Buffer Capacity : 700ml
Sizes (W×D×H)(mm) : 150×120×130

This vertical electrophoresis tank has adjustable parameters such as gel concentration, electric field strength and run time to meet different experimental needs.

There is an upper and a lower buffer chamber in the acrylic vertical electrophoresis tank. To stop gel leakage, the gadget features two gel perfusion frames and carefully aligned glass plates. The gel is sealed off from the air by an integrated ridge, which also keeps polymerization reactions from happening inside the gel. With gel electrophoresis, the vertical electrophoresis tank facilitates the effective separation and examination of macromolecules, including proteins, RNA, and DNA. This type can run one or two gels at a time and holds sample combs for ten or fifteen samples.

Vertical Electrophoresis Tank Specifications:

Model ET-V01
Glass Tray(W×L)(mm) Thick type: 101×83
Thin type: 101×73
Gel Tray(W×L)(mm) Hand glue: 83×73
Precast glue: 86×68
Sample Comb 10, 15 samples
Number of Gels 1-2 pcs
Gel Thickness Standard 1.0mm, optional 0.75 & 1.5mm
Number of Samples 10~30pcs
Buffer Capacity 700ml
Sizes (W×D×H)(mm) 150×120×130
Shipping Size(W×D×H)(mm) 420×370×320
N.W./G.W. (kg) 1.5/4
Standard Accessories
Name Quantity
Electrophoresis Tank 1
Cap 1
Electrode Core 1
Gel Casting Base 2
Gel Frame 2
Single Glue Baffle 1
Gel Shovel 1
Glass Plates 5 pairs
1.0mm Thickness 10 Wells Comb 2
1.0mm Thickness 15 Wells Comb 2

Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Tank Features:

  1. High-strength, highly transparent material injection moulding provides excellent physical strength and durability, better structural stability and compressive strength.

  2. Transparent appearance design is simple and beautiful, and adopts special glue making rack, easy and reliable glue making operation.

  3. The integrated design of glass gasket avoids glue leakage and ensures the sealing performance of electrophoresis equipment.

  4. Flat plate instead of concave plate, not easy to be damaged and low price.

  5. High purity platinum electrode, greatly improve the conductivity and corrosion resistance.

  6. Limit function of the upper cover ensures that the polarity of the electrode will not be wrongly connected.

Details of Gel Electrophoresis Tank:

Vertical Electrophoresis Tank

The vertical electrophoresis tank's transparent tank allows users to monitor the process in real time, ensuring better control and accuracy during experiments. In addition, the robust construction ensures durability and longevity of the equipment.

Vertical Electrophoresis Tank

Vertical Electrophoresis Tank

ET-V01 (1)


Vertical VS Horizontal Electrophoresis Tanks 

Vertical electrophoresis tanks are ideal for protein separation and identification. In a vertical electrophoresis system, the buffer can only pass through the gel, allowing for precise voltage control during the experiment. If a polyacrylamide gel with a smaller pore size is used, vertical gel electrophoresis can achieve greater separation and resolution than horizontal systems. However, horizontal gel electrophoresis systems are sometimes preferred over vertical systems because they are easy to use.

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