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Vertical Electrophoresis Tank ET-V04

Model : ET-V04

Sample Comb : 10 samples
Number of Gels : 1-4 pcs
Number of Samples : 10~40pcs
Gel Thickness : Standard 1.0mm, optional 0.75 & 1.5mm
Sizes (W×D×H)(mm) : 180×130×130


Vertical Electrophoresis Tank Specifications:

Glass Tray(W×L)(mm)Thick type: 101×83
Thin type: 101×73
Gel Tray(W×L)(mm)Hand glue: 83×73
Precast glue: 86×68
Sample Comb10 samples
Number of Gels1-4 pcs
Gel ThicknessStandard 1.0mm, optional 0.75 & 1.5mm
Number of Samples10~40pcs
Buffer Capacity1000ml
Sizes (W×D×H)(mm)180×130×130
Shipping Size(W×D×H)(mm)420×370×320
N.W./G.W. (kg)2.9/5
Standard Accessories
Electrophoresis Tank1
Electrode Core1
Gel Casting Base2
Gel Frame4
Single Glue Baffle1
Gel Shovel1
Glass Plates5 pairs
1.0mm Thickness 10 Wells Comb5

Vertical Electrophoresis Tank Features:

  1. Completes 4 mini-gel electrophoresis experiments in one hour, increasing efficiency or meeting specific experimental needs.

  2. Edge banding is permanently attached to the glass plate to ensure precise alignment and prevent gel leakage.

  3. Special material electrophoresis comb does not inhibit gel polymerization reaction

  4. Built-in ridges avoid air contact, thus reducing the formation of oxidized film and improving the success and reproducibility of experiments.

  5. A parallel arrangement of the filling frames allows for simultaneous visibility of the two gels being filled, with spring-loaded rods and rubber gaskets providing a good seal.

  6. Gel frames with cams ensure precise alignment on any horizontal plane.

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