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UV VIS Spectrophotometer with Built-in Reference Monitor

Model : SP-DUVU8; SP-DUVU9

Light Source : Flash xenon lamp
Detector : Silicon photodiode
Bandwidth : 1nm or 2nm optional
Wavelength Range : 190-1100nm
Wavelength Accuracy : ±0.3nm
Shipping Size(WxDxH)(mm) : 800×645×365
UV visible spectrophotometer for precise measurement of nucleic acids, proteins, cell cultures, etc.

This UV VIS spectrophotometer uses a pulse xenon lamp as the light source. The instrument can be used normally for at least 7 years without replacing the light source. We adopt original optical, circuit, structural design, advanced process specifications and strict quality management system, microcomputer control and data processing, large-screen color display, graphical interface operation and humanized menu prompts.

UV VIS Spectrophotometer Features:

  1. Quick and convenient, the instrument is ready to use without preheating. The instrument uses a pulse xenon lamp as a light source, and a pulse xenon lamp that flashes 1 billion times can last for 7 years.

  2. 7-inch TFT large screen true color LCD display, Omron touch button, the large screen display directly displays various scanning curves and maps.(U8)

  3. 1-inch color touch screen, the large screen display directly displays various scanning curves and maps, allowing users to complete all measurement needs without the help of a computer.(U9)

  4. Supports U disk storage, which is convenient for users to use. User-measured data can be directly exported to U disk. It supports excel, txt format, and picture format. Four formats can be output: *.csv, *.qua. *.tet, *.bmp.

  5. Data output: Equipped with RS-232C serial port (printing), USB drive (online), USB HOST (connected to U disk), and standard 32GB memory.

  6. The first in the industry to use the advanced 32-bit Cortex_M3 processor with a main frequency of 120M. The instrument can store 5000 test data or 500 working curves internally.

  7. Suspension optical system design, strengthened thickened aluminum base plate design, eliminates the impact of vibration or deformation on the optical system; double-layer design, completely separates each circuit part of the optical path.

  8. The instrument uses a photoelectric signal detection device to make the signal-to-noise ratio of the instrument lower and the instrument more stable.

  9. Chinese and English dual system mode, convenient for customers to use. (U8)

  10. The optional rotating 8-link automatic cuvette holder ensures that the light is completely centered when passing through the cuvette, improving instrument performance.(U8)

UV VIS Spectrophotometer Specifications:

Display7-inch 1024×768 high-resolution color LCD screen10.1-inch 1024×800 color capacitive touch screen
Optical SystemDouble beam, built-in reference monitor
Light SourceFlash xenon lamp
DetectorSilicon photodiode
Bandwidth1nm or 2nm optional
Wavelength Range190-1100nm
Wavelength Accuracy±0.3nm
Wavelength Repeatability0.1nm
Wavelength Resolution0.1nm
Stray Light≤0.05%T at 220nm, 360 nm
Photometric Accuracy±0.3%T
Photometric MethodTransmittance/Absorbance/Concentration/Energy
Analyzing SoftwareSupport
Sample Room/Automatic 8-joint pool
Power SupplyAC 220/110V, 50/60Hz
Shipping Size(WxDxH)(mm)800×645×365

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