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Electrophoresis Power Supply, High Amperage

Model : EPS-600D

Parallel Output : 4 groups
Timing : 1 minute~99 hours and 59 minutes
Sizes (W×D×H)(mm) : 300×300×130

The electrophoresis power supply features a backlit LCD touch screen that is user friendly and easy to use. The touchscreen and user interface design makes setting up custom protocols or selecting a pre-programmed gel electrophoresis and transfer method a breeze.

Electrophoresis Power Supply Specifications:

Parallel Output4 groups
Timing1 minute~99 hours and 59 minutes
Testing Temperature-20℃~+85℃
Input Range110-250V is suitable for different countries and regions
Output Range5-600V (1V) 1-1200mA (1mA) 5-300W (1W)
Output RangeConstant voltage, constant current and constant power are continuously adjustable, stable and reliable
ResolutionVoltage (1V), current (1mA) and power (1W)
Sizes (W×D×H)(mm)300×300×130
Shipping Size(W×D×H)(mm)480×450×300
N.W./G.W. (kg)3/4.5

Electrophoresis Power Supply Features:

  1. Suitable for SSR, nucleofection, transfer, protein, bidirectional, isoelectric point focusing, and other electrophoresis experiments.

  2. A high current can connect four electrophoresis tanks at the same time

  3. Constant current, constant pressure and constant power are continuously adjustable to ensure stable and reliable performance of the equipment.

  4. 10 programs can be edited and saved and can run each program in 10 steps.

  5. Over-current, over-load, over-temperature, no-load, short-circuit, and sudden load change protection functions.

  6. Suitable for different input voltages worldwide and supports many kinds of electrophoresis experiments such as horizontal, vertical and blot transfer.

  7. 7-inch large touch screen automatically generates a numeric keypad when setting and displays a clock, temperature, operation status and various prompts for operation.

  8. When constant voltage, current and power in a certain indicator, the other two automatically rise to the maximum value without human adjustment.

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