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Ultra Water Purifier, Economic Series

Model : WP-U5LSE; WP-U5TOE; WP-U5MBE; WP-U5BE; and other BE series

Conductivity : <0.2μs/cm
TOC : <3ppb; <3ppb; <5ppb; <20ppb
Microorganism : <1cfu/ml

Shipping Size(WxDxH)(mm) : 645x490x560
The economic series ultra water purifiers can effectively remove bacteria and other harmful substances to ensure the safety and hygiene of experimental water. Now the ultra water purifiers for sale at affordable price.

Economical Ultra Water Purifier Specifications:

Ultra Water Purifier,Economic Series
Water Output(L/H)5/10/20/30/40/605/10/20/30/40/605/10/20/30/40/605/10/20/30/40/60
Feed Water RequirementsTap water: conductivity<400μs,5-40℃, 1.0-5.0Kgf/cm²
RO Water Quality
UP Water Quality
Resistivity18.25 MΩ·cm@℃
Particle (>0.22μm)
RNA Enzyme<0.01ng/ml///
DNA Enzyme<0.04pg/ml///
Terminal Filter0.01μm terminal flter0.05μm terminal flter/
Storage Vessel3.2 gallon pressure tank
UV LampDual wavelength UV lamp, 185nm/254nm/
Water intake can be fixed time, quantity and quality
Power SupplyAC220V±10%, 50/60Hz; 110V±10%, 60Hz (Optional)
Shipping Size (WxDxH)(mm)645x490x560
Gross Weight33kg

Ultra Water Purifier Features:

  1. Full-automatic microcomputer control system, multi-level menu operation, 160*160 HD display screen for touch buttons, and modularized control system.

  2. Operation system has timing module for water usage:
    Water usage can be carried out at four time can be selected from 0 to 9999min freely.
    Timed water usage can be carried out at four ranges including 10min, 30min, 60min and 120min.

  3. Operation system has quantitative module for water usage:
    Water usage time can be selected from 0 to 9999ml freely.
    Quantitative water usage can be conducted at four ranges including 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml and 5000ml.

  4. Operation system has quality module for water usage: it can set water usage from 0.1 to 18.25 freely as required.

  5. Pure water use pressure tank storage, according to customer demand for different capacity of the pressure tank

  6. The ultra water purifier system is furnished with memory for reviewing operation and alarm data at any time.

  7. The ultra water purifier system is furnished with calendar clock for setting consumables and services.

  8. Ultrapure water circulation system can select automatic and manual modes freely to keep the system at low bacteria pollution.

  9. Besides secondary passwords for plant and client, the system setup has password protection to prevent unauthorized change and usage by others.

  10. Primary water filtration system increases machine life.

  11. Alarms for water deficiency and water full; out-of-limit alarms for source water, RO water and DI water/UP water.

  12. RO membrane anti-scale and flushing programs are divided into two types (automatic and manual types) to facilitate client's timely cleaning and prolong service life of RO membrane. Users can set the flushing time and flushing interval freely in the system.

Ultra Water Purifier Application Fields:

  1. WP-ULSE Series Life Science Type: Experiment fields such as electrophoresis, endotoxin analysis, cell immunity chemistry, nucleic acid and protein separation monoclonal antibody research.

  2. WP-UTOE Series Trace Organic Type: Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry(GFAAS), gas chromatography and mass spectrum combination(GC-MS), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), inductive coupling plasma mass spectrum (ICP-MS), ion mass spectrum(IC), TOC analysis,solid-phase extraction(SPE)

  3. WP-UMBE Series Molecular Biology Type: Cultivation of mammal tissue cell, analysis of microorganism, research of molecular biology and cultivation of plant tissue cell

  4. WP-UBE Series Basic Type: Atomic absorption spectrum(AAS), atomic fluorescence normal chemistry, inductive coupling plasma spectrograph (ICP-AES)

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