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Thermostatic Water Tank

Model : WT-2; WT-2I; WT-5; WT-10; WT-20; WT-28

Operating Temp Range : RT+5~100℃
Temperature Display Resolution(℃) : 0.1℃
Temperature Stability(℃) : ±0.5℃@60℃

Thermostatic Water Tank Specifications:

Model WT-2 WT-2I WT-5 WT-10 WT-20 WT-28
Capacity (L) 2 2 5 10 20 28
Temperature Control Range (℃) RT+5~100℃
Time of Temperature Rise
30min 40min 30min 40min
Temperature Display Resolution (℃) 0.1℃
Temperature Stability (℃) ±0.5℃@60℃
Temperature Uniformity (℃) ±0.5℃@60℃
Circulating Pump / / / Yes
Power Suppply AC 220/110V, 50Hz
Heating Power (W) 250 350 600 1000 1500
Total Power (W) 260 360 650 1050 1550
Chamber Size (W×D×H)(mm) 150×135×150 300×150×65 300×150×150 300×235×150 495×300×150 495×300×200
Sizes (W×D×H)(mm) 315×237×285 462×242×268 462×342×268 465×332×287 682×390×322 678×390×350
Shipping Size (W×D×H)(mm) 380×300×390 520×305×380 520×405×380 525×400×400 750×450×430 740×450×460
N.W./G.W. (kg) 4/6 4/7 6.5/10 10/14 13/17 15/19
Note: The difference between WT-2 and WT-2I is that WT-2I is shallow and suitable for culture dishes and flat sample bottles.

Thermostatic Water Tank Features:

It is a high-precision control instrument combined with microcomputer intelligent digital technology and PID control. Built-in stainless steel integrated; U-shaped stainless steel heating tube, which has uniform heating, corrsion resistance and less heat loss.

Unique conver design with glass window, have back-flow function, can be observed in real-time.

Pros of Lab Water Tank

  1. Stainless steel chamber

  2. Heating rapidly

  3. The top cover is designed with a "mountain" shaped cover, with backflow function and unique window design for real-time observation

  4. Intelligent PID algorithm with microcomputer temperature control accuracy within +0.5 ℃

  5. Built-in monitoring system to prevent dry burning

  6. Built-in over-temperature protection, more reliable use

  7. Optional circulation pump for more uniform heating and precise temperature control

Thermostatic Water Tank Detail Show

constant temperature water tank

Lab Water Tank

lab water tank led display

LCD digital display Real-time display of running information and setting information

lab water tank

Stainless steel chamber Corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, equipped with thickened bearing frame

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