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Syringe Pump, Single Channel Touch Screen

Model : SP-11C
Execution Unit Quantity : 1
Stroke Resolution : 0.156 um
Maximum Stroke : 140 mm
Rated Linear Thrust : >90N
External Size(LxWxH)(mm) : 280x210x140
The versatile syringe pump offers unrivalled ease of use through a simple touch screen interface.

The syringe pump is suitable for biological laboratory, electrophysiology, chemistry, pharmaceutical and many other general fields.

Syringe Pump Features:

  1. The micro-syringe pump is a single-channel perfusion/extraction syringe pump, mainly used in biological laboratories, with an integrated structure. (Able to install syringes and injectors of different specifications microsyringes are suitable for high-precision, small-flow liquid delivery. )

  2. Syringe inner diameter input function: You can select the syringe from the list or directly enter the syringe inner diameter

  3. Friendly human-machine interface, large-screen LCD display, digital knobs and membrane buttons are used together, making operation easy and fast.

  4. A has a power-down memory function:
    1. ERPROM saves the setting parameters, and there is no need to reset them after powering on again.
    2. Power outage during operation in flow mode. after power is restored, it can continue to run or stop according to the set parameters.

  5. Traffic jam protection function: When the propulsion mechanism of the syringe pump is blocked during work, the syringe pump will stop the work of the propulsion mechanism and sound a whistle alarm.

  6. The RS485 communication bus can be used to connect to the host computer and be controlled through background software.

  7. External control interface: has input/output control function.

  8. Liquid volume calibration function: A more accurate flow rate can be obtained through the calibration procedure.

  9. Enable syringe protection function: By adjusting the position of the limit block, the syringe can be prevented from being damaged.

Syringe Pump Specifications:

Working ModeWorking mode (perfusion)
Execution Unit Quantity1
Stroke Resolution0.156 um
Linear Velocity Range5μm/min-130 mm/min (Flow rate = linear velocity x internal cross-sectional area of syringe)
Stroke Control AccuracyThe error≤0.5% (Trip≥30% of the maximum trip)
Flow CorrectionMore accurate fluid levels are obtained through calibration procedures
Syringe SelectionBuilt-in main manufacturer, model syringe for choice
Applicable Power SupplyBroad voltage AC 90-265V. 50 Hz/60 Hz
Working EnvironmentTemperature 0~40°C, relative humidity <80%
Drive Weight3.9 Kg
Communication InterfaceRS 485(MODBUS Protocol)
Power Consumption<15W
Control Type Input2 start and stop control inputs, 1 falling edge trigger signal control start and stop; 1 tTL level signal control start and stop
Maximum Stroke140 mm
Status Output2OCgate signal output, used to indicate the start, stop and direction status
Rated Linear Thrust>90N
Display Parameter SettingFluid volume, flow rate, or linear velocity
Linear Speed Adjustment Resolution5μm/min
Operation Parameter SettingDispense fluid volume, syringe time, etc
External Size (LxWxH)(mm)280x210x140
Syringe Customizationcan be directly input into the syringe

Flow parameter

Applicable syringe (or injector) specificationsApplicable syringe diameter (mm)Reference flow range (ul/ min-ML /min)

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