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Benchtop Freeze Dryer

Model : FD-B4I; FD-B5

Freeze Drying Area (m2) : 0.36; 0.48
Tray Size(mm) : 300x400
Tray Quantity : 3/4
Tray Spacing : 95mm; 70mm
Freeze Drying Chamber(W×D×H)(mm) : 496x434x441 
The benchtop freeze dryer enables in-situ pre-freezing, drying and sample encapsulation for better drying results. The structure adopts bin trap separation, effectively preventing frost and sealing effect.

Benchtop Freeze Dryer Specifications:

Maximum Freeze-drying Area(m2)0.360.48
Cold Trap Water Capture Capacity(kg)12kg
Tray Size(mm)300X400
Tray Quantity34
Tray Spacing95mm70mm
Tray Temperature Range-50~60℃
Vacuum PumpStandard
Vacuum Pump Pumping Speed4L/s
Capping FunctionStandard
Vacuum Degree(Pa)≤5Pa (No load)
Ultimate Vacuum Degree(Pa)1Pa
Inert Gas Backfill0.2µm
Power SupplyAC220V, 50/60Hz
Freeze Drying Chamber (W×D×H)(mm)496x434x441
Shipping Size(W×D×H)(mm)Main machine:1480x1130x2030
Vacuum pump:530x250x350
Main Machine/Vacuum Pump:G.W. (kg)640/17

Benchtop Freeze Dryer Features:

  1. 316L stainless steel square freeze dryer, with organic glass material for the door

  2. Shelf temperature control system

  3. Real-time display of vacuum degree, cold trap temperature, sample temperature, partition temperature, and running error alarm

  4. Freeze-drying curve optimization control technology

  5. 15-inch color LCD touch screen

  6. Exclusive JD lyophilization operating system. Switchable between Chinese and English, simple and user-friendly. Can edit and save over 1000 process formulas, each containing 50 temperature control segments. Experiment can be paused midway to modify parameters

  7. Automatic preservation of freeze-dried data

  8. Audio-visual alarm system, supporting temperature alarm, vacuum alarm, experiment completion reminder function, and emergency stop function

  9. Account privilege management (Three-level Account Privilege Management)

  10. Hydraulic system to meet the vacuum packaging requirements after sample freeze-drying

  11. Internet of things (IoT) remote control system (optional)

  12. Intelligent vacuum adjustment (optional)

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