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Microplate Centrifuge

Model : CFG-3MP

Speed Rnage (rpm) : 2200~2800rpm
Max RCF (xg) : 550
Timer : 15sec ~1min59sec
Rotor Capacity : 2 PCR plates
The microplate centrifuge is the instrument of choice for experiments involving the processing of multiple microplate samples.

The CFG-3MP microplate centrifuge is specifically designed for quick spins of samples in PCR plates, with a focus on compatibility with 96 or 384 well plates and small volumes. It can accommodate different plate styles, including skirted, non-skirted, and semi-skirted formats. This micro centrifuge is optimized for efficient and rapid separation of samples in microplates, making it suitable for applications such as PCR, molecular biology, and high-throughput screening.

Microplate Centrifuge Features:

  1. User-friendly interface: The microplate centrifuge is designed with an easy-to-use interface that displays all operating information in real-time.

  2. Countdown mode: The micro centrifuge supports a countdown mode, allowing for precise timing of centrifugation processes.

  3. DC brushless motor: The centrifuge is equipped with a DC brushless motor, ensuring low noise, minimal interference, and maintenance-free operation.

  4. Automatic stop: The micro centrifuge automatically stops running when the cap is opened, ensuring safety during operation.

  5. Fast acceleration: The centrifuge achieves rapid acceleration from a standstill to the maximum speed in just 10 seconds.

  6. Short braking time: Micro centrifuge quickly comes to a complete standstill from the highest speed in just 4 seconds.

Microplate Centrifuge Specifications:

Rotating Speed2200~2800rpm
Timing Range15sec ~1min59sec
Acceleration Time≤10sec(0 to 2800rpm)
Brake Time≤4sec(2800rpm to 0)
Lid Open Auto StopYes
Short RunYes
Capacity2 PCR plates
Fuse250V/3A  Ф5x20
Shipping Size (WxDxH) (mm)340x310x320
N.W./G.W. (kg)4/5

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