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Medical Vacuum Drying Cabinet

Model : VDC-100

Capacity : 100L (Double Chamber)
Heating Type : Electric Heating
Drying Temperature : 45~65℃
Drying Time : 1~999min (Adjustable)
Safe and ideal heating and drying solutions for research, clinical needs.

Medical Vacuum Drying Cabinet Specifications:

Capacity100L (Double Chamber)
Internal Size (W×D×H)320x220x720mm
External Size (W×D×H)880x530x1665mm
DoorVertical manual door, double door (front and back), with glass viewing window
Display7 inch touch screen
Working ModeChamber a mode, chamber B mode, double chamber mode (A and B)(Each mode has 5 fixed time modes and 6 DIY modes)
AlarmHigh temperature alarm of drying chamber;
Low temperature alarm of drying chamber;
Low pressure alarm of drying chamber;
Low evacuation rate alarm;
Safety ProtectionOver voltage protection of power supply; Over temperature protection of drying chamber; Anti-pinch hand function.
Heating TypeElectric heating
Drying Temperature45~65℃
Drying Time1~999min, adjustable
Drying Chamber Leakage Rate≤5Pa/s (Leakage rate was determined under the conditions of no-load, constant temperature of drying chamber, test pressure of 3kPa and test time of 1h.)
Ambient Temperature5~35℃
Ambient HumidityMax.relative humidity is 80%, when ambient temperature<31℃; Max.relative humidity is 67%, when ambient temperature is 35℃.
Air Filter≥99.5% efficiency at 0.3µm
Working Pressure3kPa
Max. Pressure Resistance1kPa
Vacuum RateVacuum time ≤ 1min, from atmospheric pressure to 3kPa
MaterialInternal: Aluminium alloy, thickness is 16mm
External: 304 Stainless steel, with a whole piece of soundproofing cotton.
TrayChamber A: 2pcs trays
Chamber B: 2pcs trays
Total 4pcs, 304 stainless steel
StandardPrinter, trays, temperature sensor
Power SupplyAC220V, 50Hz
Shipping Size(W×D×H)1070x680x1820mm
Gross Weight318kg

The medical vacuum drying cabinet utilizes the principle of reducing the pressure inside the chamber using a vacuum pump, which also lowers the boiling point of water. This allows moisture to boil and vaporize at a lower temperature, effectively separating the water attached to the inside and outside of the instruments. At the same time, the vacuum pump rapidly expels the water vapor, and the air filter filters the air before it is delivered into the drying chamber. This continuous cycle achieves the purpose of drying the instruments.

Application of Vacuum Drying Cabinet:

Medical vacuum drying cabinet is suitable for drying various types of endoscopes, biopsy forceps, precision instruments, complex instruments, instruments that are not resistant to high temperatures, and routine instruments used in operating rooms, disinfection supply centers, and endoscopy centers in medical institutions.

Medical Vacuum Drying Cabinet Features:

1. With 7 inch touch screen

Display temperature, Pressure, Remaining drying time, Drying stage.

2. Front and back double doors

Double doors interlock, when front door is opened, the back door can not be opened, effectively isolating the contaminated area and clean area, good sealing.

3. Glass observation window

Hollow double-layer tempered glass, with LED lights, illuminate the drying chamber, easy to observe whether the drying is completed.

4. Air replacement

Automatic ventilation, ventilation times and intervals can be set freely.

5. Data Traceability

Industrial switches with traceability system grid interface.

6. Working mode

Divided into Chamber A mode, Chamber B mode, Double Chamber mode. Each mode can run separately, can also run at the same time.

Each working mode is divided into 5 fixed time modes and 6 custom modes.

It can be set freely according to the drying items, suitable for different types of items drying.

7. Standard printer

It can record the operating information of the equipment, print various parameters during the drying process, including temperature, time, pressure, etc., as well as fault alarm information printing, saving time is long, easy to view and analyze.

8. Pressure transmitter

Built-in pressure transmitter automatically detects the pressure in the drying chamber to confirm that the pressure in the drying chamber is accurate and effective.

9. Temperature sensor

Standard with external temperature sensor, automatically detects the temperature of the drying bulkhead to ensure the accurate and effective temperature of the drying chamber.

10. Safety protection

Including over-voltage protection of power supply, over-temperature protection of drying chamber, anti-pinch hand function.

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