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H₂O₂ Serious Hydrogen Peroxide Steam Sterilizer

Model :  Custom model


The hydrogen peroxide steam sterilizer is equipped with a vacuum system and a hydrogen peroxide steam generator. A specially configured hydrogen peroxide solution is injected into the evaporator, and the hydrogen peroxide is injected into the sterilization chamber under low temperature and vacuum conditions. The steam is maintained for a corresponding period of time to allow the active substances to chemically react with the proteins and nucleic acids in the microorganisms, destroying the microorganisms and disturbing the survival functions of the microorganisms, and then uses H₂O₂ as the medium to act on the microbial cells to further kill the microorganisms. The sterilizing agent generally uses a food-grade hydrogen peroxide solution of a certain concentration, which has no toxic substance residues, does not require drainage or ventilation, does no harm to the operator's body, and does not pollute the environment.

H₂O₂ Serious Hydrogen Peroxide Steam Sterillzer Applications:

Hydrogen peroxide vapor sterilizer (VHP) takes advantage of the fact that the gas state of hydrogen peroxide at room temperature is more capable of killing spores than the liquid state. It generates free hydroxyl groups and is used to attack cellular components, including lipids, Protein and DNA tissue, etc., meet the requirements of complete sterilization. It is a specially designed and manufactured special equipment that can be used for sterilization of closed spaces such as isolation type and isolator. It has broad-spectrum bactericidal effect and is suitable for sterilizing fungi, bacteria, viruses and spores. Compared with traditional sterilization technology, it is pollution-free, has better material compatibility, and is easy to use and verify. It can be widely used in pharmaceutical factories, laboratories and scientific research institutes.

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