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Economical Gas-Purifying Chemical Safety Cabinet

Model : CSC-G800E

Layer Board : 8
Load Bearing : > 70kg/㎡
Air Handling Capacity : 230m³/h
External Size(WxDxH)(mm) : 800x548x1960
The CSC-G800E pipeline-free gas cabinet series is designed for the storage of toxic and hazardous chemicals and is suitable for a variety of fields and chemical types.

Working principle of Chemical Safety Cabinet:

  1. Fan

    The fan located at the top of the cabinet extracts air from the laboratory into the interior of the cabinet, generating negative pressure.

  2. Gas filtration

    The harmful gases evaporated from the reagents stored in the cabinet enter the filtration module through the fan, and the toxic and harmful gas molecules are intercepted and filtered by the filter, while the clean gas returns to the room.

  3. High quality air purification function

    The filtered clean air returns to the indoor environment without endangering personnel's health.

  4. Purifying laboratory air

    Purify the air in the laboratory 24 hours a day to improve the air quality (it is recommended to keep the drug cabinet on for 24 hours)

Gas-Purifying Chemical Safety Cabinet Features:

  1. No need to install pipeline engineering, convenient installation, no discharge of waste gas, new environmental protection.

  2. The top can be equipped with a filtering module system according to the category of chemicals, meeting the storage needs of various types of chemicals.

  3. Advanced modular filtration technology that fully adsorbs harmful gases, particulate dust, and other substances generated during filtration experiments.

  4. No need to consume air conditioning energy, efficiently saving energy.

  5. Convenient to move, store nearby, facilitate access, and improve work efficiency.

Gas-Purifying Chemical Safety Cabinet Specifications:

External Size(WxDxH)(mm)800x548x1960
Internal Size(WxDxH)(mm)797x450x1493
Molecular Filter Size (WxDxH)(mm)370x395x50
Primary Filter Size(WxDxH)(mm)370x396x21
Display5-inch LCD touch screen
Layer Board8
Load Bearing> 70kg/㎡
Air Handling Capacity230m³/h
Cabinet Volume0.55m³
Storage Capacity160 bottles (500ml)
Power Supply220V/50Hz
Standard Accessories1. Filter: 2 sets; 2. Primary filter: 1 unit; 3. Fan: 1 unit; 4. Layer board: 8 pieces; 5. Control system: 1 set; 6. VOC alarm system: 1 unit; 7. Temperature and humidity alarm system: 1 set; 8. Power cord: 1 piece; 9. Locks: Smart locks
Optional Accessories1. OG: Organic filter; 2. AG: Inorganic Filter; 3. AM: Ammonia filter; 4. FO: Formaldehyde filter; 5. HEPA H14: Efficient HEPA Filter; 6. Ammonia gas alarm; 7. Formaldehyde alarm; 8. HCL alarm; 9. Acid-base box; 10. Remote monitoring system
Shipping Size (WxDxH)(mm)960x690x2190
Gross Weight(kg)180

Gas-Purifying Chemical Safety Cabinet Features:

  1. Metal components: The main material is galvanized steel plate with a diameter of ≥ 1.2mm, which is electrostatically sprayed with epoxy resin and covered with a durable chemical resistant lead-free coating to maintain high smoothness and minimize the impact of corrosion and moisture.

  2. Door panel: The main material is ≥ 4mm acrylic board, with excellent weather resistance, excellent chemical resistance, not easy to age, semi transparent, visually comfortable, and beautiful.

  3. Layer board: Integrated PP tray, acid and alkali resistant, adjustable height, with a leakage prevention capacity of 4.5L per tray.

  4. Layer hook: Made of integrated PC transparent material, it has strong corrosion resistance and can bear a weight of over 120kg.

  5. Structural design: The corners around the cabinet are designed with a 60 ° R angle, which is integrally formed. The circular arc design makes the product overall beautiful and elegant.

  6. Locks: Using a non-contact RF access card reader, with built-in card configuration function, can be set for single or double person unlocking; Flexible configuration of card reader parameters, implementation of card key, card number output format, NFC mode, etc., can provide WG26/WG34/WG66, TTL, RS232, RS485 communication interfaces..

  7. Real time temperature and humidity environmental monitoring system, displaying real-time temperature and humidity, setting alarm parameters to ensure product safety.

  8. Fan monitoring: Fan system failure alarm, online adjustable fan speed to ensure different chemical storage needs.

  9. Filter saturation alarm system: The product is equipped with a double-layer filter, and the VOC probe monitors the saturation status of the filter. The filter is set to a saturation alarm value, which will sound an alarm if it exceeds the range. When the concentration exceeds the set value for a long time, the filter needs to be replaced.

  10. PSC fan imported from the United States, with a voltage of 24 volts, stable performance, ultra quiet, and no spark or static electricity.

  11. High efficiency filtration system, according to the particle size selection distribution, follow ASTM standards, effective for acid gas and organic gas, strong adsorption capacity, for particle filter, the use of high efficiency HEPA filter, for particles greater than 0.3um, filtration efficiency of 99.995%.

Software control section

  1.  5-inch large screen display, IoT intelligent HMI human-machine interface, resolution: 1024x600, perfect visual system;

  2. (Optional) Supports SIM card 4G communication, and the 4G communication module has a mandatory national product certification certificate;

  3. (Optional) Remote management can be carried out through WeChat client, and historical VOC data, temperature and humidity environmental data can be viewed and presented in a curved manner; Historical alarm records can be viewed, and fans and alarm lights can be remotely controlled.

  4. The intelligent control system is connected to the intelligent card swiping system, and the monitoring data and door opening data are integrated through a set of systems.

  5. Provide API interfaces and support third-party platform docking functionality.

  6. The software control system has received a test report from the China Software Evaluation Center.

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