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Chemical Indicator Tape


Application of Chemical Indicator Tape:

This product is a specialized chemical indicator tape for low-temperature steam formaldehyde sterilization. The special chemical indicator color block printed on the surface of the indicator label undergoes a chemical reaction and color change under conditions of 2% formaldehyde content, 60 ℃ temperature, 30 minutes of action time, and 2% formaldehyde content, 78 ℃ temperature, and 10 minutes of action time during low-temperature steam formaldehyde sterilization.

Usage method:

Cut an appropriate length of chemical indicator tape and apply it to the surface of the package to be sterilized. After sterilization is completed, remove the package and observe the indicator tape: if the chemical indicator color of the indicator tape changes from red to green, it indicates that the sterilized package has undergone sterilization treatment; If the color of the indicated color block does not change or the color change is not obvious, it indicates that the package has not undergone sterilization treatment or has not met the specified sterilization conditions. The discoloration reaction of the indicator color block is irreversible, and the indicator tape after the reaction can be stored as a record at room temperature.


  1. This product cannot be used as a judgment of sterilization effect, it only indicates whether the item has undergone sterilization treatment.

  2. Prohibit contact with acidic, alkaline, and oxidizing substances, and prevent moisture (relative humidity less than 60%).

  3. Pay attention to avoiding light (UV lamps, fluorescent lamps, and sunlight), and seal and store in a dry and ventilated place. Store in a light and cool place (below 25 ℃).

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