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Blood Bag Tube Sealer

Model : TS-BB6

Heat-sealing Time : 4s~6s
Applicable Material Size : Outer diameter 2mm-6mm, wall thickness ≤1.5mm
Heat-sealing Type : Automatic
Size(W×D×H)(mm) : 320x180x130
The blood bag tube sealer is an efficient blood bag sealing device that is the first choice for hospitals, plasma centres and other areas.

The blood bag tube sealer serves as a crucial tool for sealing and heat-sealing medical PVC blood collection bag catheters. Its primary function lies in ensuring the integrity of blood collection systems, making it an indispensable asset across various medical settings. Tailored for application in transfusion departments, blood collection units, component facilities, blood banks, and medical research within hospitals of varying capacities, its versatility meets the diverse needs of healthcare professionals.

Working Principle:

The high-frequency electrode on the heat-sealing head induces high-frequency heating to the PVC pipeline, causing the PVC pipeline to reach a molten state (the PVC material polarizes under the high-frequency electric field). At the same time, the heat-sealing electrode presses the molten part, and according to the preset program, completes one heat-sealing after the predetermined time is reached.

Blood Bag Tube Sealer Specifications:

Heat-sealing Time4s~6s
Applicable Material SizeOuter diameter 2mm-6mm,
wall thickness ≤1.5mm
Heat-sealing TypeAutomatic
Power SupplyAC220/110V, 0.7A
ConsumptionOperating 150W; Standby 3W
Shipping Size(W×D×H)(mm)480x270x295
N.W./G.W. (kg)6.5/8

Blood Bag Tube Sealer Features:

  1. Using a transistor high-frequency generator, the radiation is weak.

  2. The circuit is mature, stable, with a long service life, and is safe and reliable.

  3. The heat-sealing process is fully automated.

  4. Small in size and light in weight, suitable for various laboratory or medical settings without occupying excessive space.

  5. Rapid, accurate, and stable heat-sealing. The blood bag tube sealer features a rapid heat-sealing time of 4 to 6s.

  6. Sealer operates automatically, streamlining the sealing process

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