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Pathology Workstation

Model : PW-1800; PW-1800E

Work Surface Height(mm) : 870
Exhaust Airflow Volume : 1500-1800 m³/h (Full pressure range: 330-550pns)
Air Velocity : ≥0.8m/s
External Size (W×D×H)(mm) : 1800×800×2000; 1800×800×2350
The pathology workstation is a specialized workstation for the dissection of pathology specimens in medical laboratory.

The pathology workstation is usually located in the pathology laboratory or the pathological anatomy room, and is one of the important equipment in the pathology work.

The whole is made of stainless steel material to ensure hygiene and cleanliness during specimen handling, it provides a designated work area where tissue samples and related tools, such as scalpels, scissors, tweezers, etc.,.to provide a dedicated work area for medical personnel to perform dissection and sampling operations.

At the same time, considering hygiene and safety factors, the pathology workstation is easy to clean and disinfect to prevent cross-contamination and contamination. It provides a safe, hygienic and functional working environment that helps ensure the accuracy and quality of pathology work.

Pathology Workstation Specifications:

External Size (W×D×H)(mm)1800×800×20001800×800×2350
Working Area Size (W×D×H)(mm)1800×800×1001800×800×100
Work Surface Height (mm)870
Exhaust Airflow Volume1500-1800 m³/h (Full pressure range: 330-550pns)
Air Velocity≥0.8m/s
Sound Emission<55db
MaterialWork Surface: 2mm Thickness 316 Stainless steel
Overall structure: 304 stainless steel
Front Window TypeOpen-Type
No Electric lifting glass door
Closed Type
With Electric lifting glass door
Fluorescent Lamp30W*1pc30W*1pc
UV Lamp30W*1pc40W*1pc
Power SupplyAC220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Standard AccessoryPulverizer
Electrical water heater
Magnetic tool holder
280mm deep Stainless steel Water sink
Fluorescent Lamp
UV Lamp
Exhaust System
4m PVC exhaust duct
Auto tabletop flushing system.
Adjustable hot and cold water tap
Optional AccessoryCamera
Flex magnifier
Specimen imaging system
Table lifting components
Intelligent control system
Shipping Size (W×D×H)(mm)1900×890×2170
Shipping Volume (m3)3.7

Pathology Workstation Features:

  1. Tabletop odor under suction system design, which can efficiently exhaust harmful gases.

  2. With low-noise centrifugal fan with powerful exhaust, it can also be connected to a duct to vent outdoors.

  3. Made of overall 304 stainless steel material, rust resistant and corrosion resistant.

  4. With magnetic tool holder, allows metal sampling equipment and dissecting instruments to be easily stored and used.

  5. Standard with UV lamp for effective sterilization.

  6. With Auto tabletop flushing system and retractable cold and hot water tap, easy for operation.

  7. High-quality and efficient exhaust system which can efficiently exhaust harmful gases, downward exhaust design, with long-strip stainless steel vents resistant to acid and alkali, along with high-quality PVC anti-corrosive duct.

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