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Automatic Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

Model : ST-EO40; ST-EO80; ST-EO120; ST-EO120I; ST-EO220; ST-EO220I; ST-EO330

Capacity : 21L/67L/103L/196L/294L/126L/192L
Sterilizing Temp. : 36-55℃
Product Form : Manual door vertical
Heating Method : Electric heating
Internal Size : Φ246x450; 585x275x422; 585x375x472; 705x505x552; 760x545x712; 700x450x400; 820x510x460

Ethylene oxide sterilization stands out as the most efficient gas sterilization method currently available. It offers a range of advantages, including broad-spectrum sterilization capabilities, strong penetration into various materials, no damage to items, minimal environmental impact, dependable chemical and biological testing methods, and convenient storage of sterilized items. As an indispensable low-temperature sterilization technology, it plays a crucial role in hospitals, ensuring the safe and effective sterilization of a wide array of medical equipment and devices.

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer Features:

  1. The fully automatic control system ensures a seamless operation with a single click, managing the entire process from start to finish automatically.

  2. The display screen provides real-time information, including temperature, humidity, pressure, disinfection time, residual gas treatment time, and frequency for convenient monitoring.

  3. Equipped with built-in sensors, the system autonomously monitors and adjusts temperature, humidity, and pressure levels within the chamber.

  4. The sealing door, crafted from 5052 aluminum material, boasts a robust pressure resistance of 200Kpa, guaranteeing a secure seal that prevents any leakage of ethylene oxide gas.

  5. Residual gas treatment device filter for particle diameter ≥ 0.2 μm The filtration rate of m is not less than 99.5%.

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer Applications:

Materials that can be sterilized include hysteroscopes, laparoscopes, laryngoscopes, probes, rigid endoscopes, flexible endoscopes, ophthalmic lenses, fiber optic intracranial sensors, cryotherapy probes, prostatectomy devices, esophageal dilators, electrocautery equipment, defibrillation motors, laser heads, metals, glass, silicone, rubber, traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine, human implants, etc.

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer Specifications:

Capacity67 L103 L196 L294L126L192L
Sterilizing Temp.36-55℃
Product FormManual door vertical
Heating methodElectric heating
Display5’’ LCD Touch Screen7’’ LCD Touch Screen
Sterilizing TimeAdjustable 0-99 hour
Sterilizer Pressure-60kpa
Sterilization MethodLow temperature, 100% Pure EO gas sterilization
Safety ProtectionTemperature and Pressure protection
Tray2 stainless net steel
PrinterBuilt-in Thermal mini-printer
USB PortYes
Internal MaterialSS304 Stainless Steel5052 Aluminium, has better thermal conductivity than stainless steel
External MaterialCarbon steel
Vacuum  systemHigh-performance, low-noise, oil-free vacuum pump
Humidity SystemUse saturated steam to humidify the sterilization chamber, and the air humidity is more uniform
Timing SystemEO gas diffusion time and residual EO aeration timing settable
Pre-setStandard Sterilization Mode and Residual Washing
Power Supply220V, 50Hz
Internal Size (mm)585x275x422585x375x472705x505x552760x545x712700x450x400820x510x460
External Size (mm)795x615x1140795x615x1140968x800x1240968x800x1400976x790x1715976x790x1715
Net Weight124kg147kg207kg227kg227kg247kg
Package Size (mm)970x770x1310940x750x13101120x920x14001020x930x15301130x920x186 01130x920x1860
Gross Weight150kg177kg237kg277kg274kg297kg

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