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Gas Chromatograph GC-126

Model : GC-126

Carrier Gas Flow Control Type : Constant pressure
Temp Control Type : Independent
Sample Injector Type : Fill column, split/split sampler can be installed

Gas Chromatograph Specifications:

Column Temperature BoxTemperature RangeRT+5℃-400℃
Temperature Accuracy±0.1 ℃
Temperature Programming9 steps
Program Total Time9999.9 min
Max Heating Rate60℃/min
SampleTemperature rangeRT+7℃~ 420 ℃
Fill column, split/split sampler can be installed
Working under constant pressure mode
No more than three independent sampling systems are connected simultaneously
DetectorTemperature ControlMax. 420℃
A maximum of 2 units are installed simultaneously. FID, TCD, ECD and FPD are optional.
Flow/pressure is displayed directly on the screen.
Hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID)High voltage switch control
Baseline signal display
Ignition coil control
Detection limit: ≤ 3×10-12 g/s
Sample: N-hexadecane (minimum detection quantity: 3pg/s)
Dynamic range: 107
Thermal conductivity detector (TCD)Bridge voltage switch control
Bridge current setting: 0 ~ 220 mA
Sensitivity: 5000 mV•mL/mg
Dynamic range: 105
Electronic capture detector (ECD)Radiation source: Ni63
Detection limit: ≤8×10-14g/s
Sample: R 666 (minimum detection quantity: 80FG/s)
Dynamic range: 103
Flame photometric detector (FPD)Temperature setting: Maximum 350℃
Detection limit: ≤2×10-12 g/s (P)
≤4×10-11 g/s (s)
Sample: Methyl parathion
Dynamic range: P 103
Dynamic range: S 102
Heating areaIn addition to the column box independent heating area, there are six heating areas. 2 injector heating zones, 2 detector heating zones and 2 auxiliary heating zones.
The maximum operating temperature of the auxiliary heating area can reach 400℃
Basic FunctionPower SupplyAC220V±10%,50Hz
Shipping size(W×D×H)(mm)760X750X860
N.W./G.W. (kg)64/86

Gas Chromatograph Feature:

  1. The main unit adopts a 7-inch color touch screen with a friendly man-machine exchange interface.

  2. The computer reverses control and the touch screen of the main unit achieve synchronous two-way control.

  3. A multi-core, 32-bit embedded hardware system ensures the reliable operation of the instrument.

  4. Airflow and pressure display function.

  5. Data acquisition is equipped with a dual-channel data acquisition card as standard, and the sampling time is 50ms.

  6. Synchronous external trigger function can be an external signal (autosampler, thermal resolver, etc.) simultaneously to start the host computer and workstation.

  7. Perfect system self-test function and automatic fault identification function.

  8. 8 interfaces for external event expansion function, which can be equipped with various control valves and work according to the time sequence set by yourself.

  9. The external link is a network port connection (RJ45), which is convenient for remote data control.

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