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Wireless Glove Integrity Tester

Model : WGIT-1000
Test Accuracy: Minimum aperture 300µm
Test Duration: 3-6min
Gas Source: Built-in air pump
History Record: 12000 set
Glove Recognition Method: RFID/manual input


Wireless Glove Integrity Tester Features:

  1. Leveraging RFID chip technology, the system enables automatic identification of glove numbers, seamlessly integrating this information into the test results.

  2. With an IP65 protection level, the equipment is easily disinfected and cleaned, ensuring optimal hygiene standards.

  3. Multiple preset scheme settings cater to the testing requirements of gloves with varying specifications and materials.

  4. The pressure detection range spans up to 3000Pa, encompassing all glove detection pressures.

  5. Equipped with a built-in specialized sanitary air pump, the system efficiently inflates gloves/cuffs.

  6. Automatic monitoring of pressure in the inflatable sealing ring and the glove during testing is a key feature.

  7. Utilizing a small, frequent air intake strategy, the system ensures uniform air intake speed within the glove to prevent deformation.

  8. The color touch screen, coupled with a user-friendly interface, allows for easy navigation. The system can intelligently select and match the testing program that best suits the current glove based on different parameters, displaying the date and time.

  9. Designed for portability and convenience, the equipment is easy to move, carry, and swiftly connect.

  10. Historical records can be transmitted, stored, and accessed for reference.

  11. Tailored to customer preferences, the system can be customized with pallets of different sizes, enabling multiple pallet operations on a single machine

Application of Wireless Glove Integrity Tester:

WGIT-1000 wireless glove integrity tester is a specialized instrument designed for detecting glove leakage. Drawing on our company's extensive experience in producing and selling filter integrity testers, we have a well-established expertise in pressure control technology.

This tester employs a wireless communication mode, featuring a built-in air pump and lithium battery. Through systematic management, multiple detection units can be interconnected in real-time. To meet the requirements of FDA, GMP, and other regulations, it incorporates a four-level authority management system and an electronic signature design, adhering to the 21CFR Part 11 electronic records and electronic signature certification requirements.

The historical record functionality can store over 12,000 groups of data. Additionally, the instrument is equipped with its own storage FLASH, ensuring the timely transmission and preservation of test records. Its simple and elegant structural design eliminates the need for additional equipment, allows for glove tray replacement without glove removal, and supports the detection of gloves with different specifications and sizes.

Featuring a high-precision pressure sensor, this tester ensures fast and accurate glove testing.

Application field:

  1. Pharmaceutical industry: sterile inspection and microbial limit inspection of purified water, water for injection, sterile preparations (large infusion, small injection, powder, biological products, blood products, ophthalmic preparations, maintenance solutions, etc.).

  2. Medical equipment industry: sterility inspection and microbial limit inspection of purified water, water for injection, syringes, infusion sets, blood transfusion sets, intravenous catheters, etc.

  3. Food and beverage industry.

  4. Environmental protection industry, etc.

Wireless Glove Integrity Tester Specifications:

Test AccuracyMinimum aperture 300µm
Test Duration3-6min
Pressure Range500-3000Pa
Pressure Resolution0.1Pa
Sealing Pressure≤ 200 KPa
Communication MethodWIFI wireless network
PumpBuild in pump
Gas SourceBuilt-in air pump
History Record12000 set
Glove Recognition MethodRFID/manual input
Online Glove TrayCustomizable replacement
Built-in Battery12V lithium battery
Power SupplyDC 12V 20W
Shipping Size(W×D×H)(mm)750x560x600
G.W. (kg)33

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