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Versatile Infrared Vein Finder

Model: VF-X2

Development Mode : DLP in situ projection, no laser
Maximum Sounding Depth : ≥6mm
Infrared Wavelengths : 850 nm
Standby Time : ≥180min
Charging Time : 3h (Shutdown state)
Image Resolution : 824X480
The rugged and easy-to-use VF-X2 model is perfect for mobile medical responders. The vein finder is priced to equip the entire team.

Working Principles:

Infrared vein finder light has a strong penetrating power on human soft tissues, while hemoglobin in human blood features the selective absorption of infrared light. The signal generated by this feature displays clear vein images on the screen through photoelectric, digital-to-analog conversion and software enhancement processing.

Vein Finder Features:

  1. Adopts DLP in-situ projection technology to ensure greater reliability in determining the location of blood vessels.

  2. With the advantage of the loudest measurement depth of more than 6mm, it is suitable for different skin types and body structures and improves the reliability of vascular imaging, especially for the localization of deeper blood vessels.

  3. The infrared vein finder helps to penetrate the skin better and improves the vascular imaging effect, making it possible to obtain clear images even under low light conditions.

  4. The brightness adjustment function ensures that the blood vessels can be clearly visualised under different lighting conditions.

  5. Adopts 824X480 image resolution to ensure clear and detailed vascular images, which helps to perform vein puncture more accurately.

  6. Low power consumption helps to save energy and prolong the life of the device.

Applications of Vein Finder:

  1. Medical field: It is more convenient to locate patient's blood vessels, improve the accuracy of venepuncture, and reduce unnecessary pain and injury.

  2. Nursing: In hospitals, clinics and nursing institutions, it is used to assist nursing staff to locate blood vessels and improve the efficiency of venous blood collection and transfusion.

  3. Operating theatre: during surgery, vein finder helps doctors to locate the patient's veins accurately and reduce complications during surgery. 4. paediatrics: through the use of vein finder, doctors can locate the patient's veins accurately.

  4. Paediatrics: The vein finder's child mode and brightness adjustment features increase the ease of use for paediatric patients.

Vein Finder Specifications:

Development ModeDLP in situ projection, no laser
Maximum Sounding Depth≥6mm
Infrared Wavelengths850 nm
Rated Consumption25VA
Standby Time≥180min
Charging Time3h (Shutdown state)
Image Resolution824x480
Brightness Projection1W 20 Lumens (The adjustable)
The Adjustable≤0.2mm
Optimum Imaging Distance200-250mm
Projection ColorWhite light, green light, red light, three colors can be switched
Working ModeNormal mode, child mode, reverse color mode
FunctionDepth recognition (three kinds of depth cue), brightness adjustment
Run Time EnvironmentWIN8.1operating system
Frame Frequency30 Frames per second
SupportBenchtop(standard) / Floor (optional)
Shipping Size(W×D×H)(mm)Main Machine: 330x280x180
Stand: 630x630x190
G.W. (kg)(Including Stand)11

Packing & Delivery

Adopting standard international export packaging, the packaging can adapt to long-term international transportation.

We provide sea freight, air freight, land freight, express service, accept EXW, FCA, FAS, FOB, CFR, CIF, CPT, CIP, DAF, DES, DEQ, DDU, DDP and other trade terms.

Pre-sale services

●24-hour quick response to customer inquiries.

●Recommend models that meet customer requirements.
●Provide competitive prices and detailed product parameters and related information.
●Provide product customization services.
●Sample testing support, production view service.

After-sales service

●Product installation and use training.

●Provide overseas maintenance services in response to customers technical problems.
●Three-year warranty on air protection products, life time maintenance service.
●Online and offline technical personnel training services.

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